Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Day 1 -100

Well, my first day is over and probably a good thing too. It's unfortunate that I managed to combine my first day on the diet with a nasty cold/viral infection. I have been feeling weak and rubbishy all week and have a nasty cough and then yesterday I succumbed to a vicious bouts of the trots, which really isn't like me! Normally I never get tummy troubles or food poisoning - my body is adept at processing pretty much everything I throw at it and holding onto it with admirable diligence!

Anyway, as I started the diet I had to add to the general feeling lousy, coughing, rushing to loo every 5 minutes the need to drink at least 4 litres of water! Suffice to say, I spent some quality time in the ladies yesterday!

So, did I feel hungry or deprived? Not really. I felt hungry before lunchtime and on my way home, but then I always feel hungry at those times. Surprisingly, the shakes and soups, tiny as they are, did seem to assuage the hunger and I felt no temptation to cheat despite there being fried snacks and cream cakes (I kid you not) sitting next to my desk for most of the afternoon.

My colleagues seem fascinated by the diet. I publicised it widely, partly so that I would have an extra incentive to stick to it and partly so that I'll have something to talk about over the next few months! I think I'm going to be a bit of a one trick pony for a while and must guard against being a total diet dullard. I think friends and colleagues are going to fall into 2 camps - the supportive and interested and the piss taking bastards. These latter ones - Charles and Andy sprinting into the lead at the moment - are delighting in tempting me with bacon sandwiches etc etc. I don't suppose it will be a problem - hopefully it will spur me on with an "I'll show them" sort of gig.

So last night my husband Diarmuid came back from Aberdeen. He was initially grumpy due to missing out on some rugby tickets but supportive over his evening meal. I think he was shocked when he saw what I have to eat and I think the reality of the diet began to set in. He's never the fastest to pick up a concept which might require some change in his behaviour but I'm confident that, with a bit of prodding, it will sink in. He's not very domesticated so things like doing his own shopping will be tricky - he's happy to go to the shop but hasn't really grasped the idea of checking what is needed or planning ahead. I'm going to try and minimise all contact with shopping and food so he's going to have a bit of a baptism of fire.

Anyway, I cooked him a meal - sausages, bacon and chips - but I didn't sit with him to eat it. I imagine we'll hit on a routine soon enough. It wasn't too hard and long may that continue.

I joned him in the pub at around 9.30 and endured the unbelieving gasps from people who can't imagine giving up alcohol for 2 days let alone 6 months. That sounds harsh but some of our friends really do like a drink! They haven't noticed that, over the last 3 years I have cut right back and apart from the odd binge (lovely) don't drink that much anyway - probably about 10-14 units at most.

One friend, Andy B, clearly doubts my resolve and keeps saying "you won't be you" if I lose weight. It's a bit irritating but slightly helpful in that I'm determined to prove him wrong. Another, Pete, is horrified by the diet - thinks it's really unhealthy and that I should just eat healthily and do more exercise. His wife has managed to do that recently but only had a couple of stone to lose. I see where he is coming from but when you have 9 stone to lose the thought of being on a diet for 2/3 years is a powerful barrier to starting one. Once again, I'm going to suck it up and try to prove him wrong.

Sammy and Vicky, with whom we've had our differences recently, have proved really supportive. It's nice to have someone to talk to who's interested in what it's all about and also really wants it work for you. It's especially impressive considering that they are both very slim and I know they can't imagine being as heavy as me or how I got into this state.

Anyway, it wasn't too bad drinking only water but I got a banging headache and the cold fever really set in by the end of the evening. D wasn't keen to leave and lingered as usual so I was in a foul and teary mood by the time we got home. He was a sloppy drunk and kept saying how good it would be when I've lost weight without realising how annoying it was that he was actually doing nothing to help - not making up the bed with me, not coming to bed, picking little inconsequential arguments, just generally annoying me. Hey ho - I can see that my being ill was a large part of my having a bad end to the evening but I suspect we have some serious issues to sort before this is over! I have these waves of affection for him at certain times but God, he can drive me up the wall at others.

Anyway, on that inconclusive but generally positive note that's all for now folks.

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