Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Day 14 -87

Well, not a bad day today. I was pretty virtuous last night - went to training and worked hard then came back and carried on with my knitting quest. I sound like an old lady! She's still worried about my blood pressure and that worry is beginning to transmit itself to me - I was in bed last night worrying that every slight feeling, even falling asleep, was the start of a stroke or something! I've booked in to see the practice nurse and have my BP taken tomorrow morning and, fingers crossed, that will set my mind at rest.

Obviously, if this diet is making me ill then I 'm not going to stay on it bit I really hope not as I have so much invested in it!

Anyway, today I've been feeling fine and working hard. Went swimming up at Oakwood pool at lunchtime which was good. I'm a bit disorganised but that will come. I'm going to try to go twice if not 3 times every week and work up to 60 lengths which is roughly 3/4 of a mile. At the moment I'm at 40 lengths but could have done more, was just time that stopped me and not wanting to push too hard the first time.

Hey, that's another goal I've set. I'd better say that it is timed for the next 12 weeks until the end of LL Foundation when I will re-evaluate - omigod, how pompous is that?!

Also, I must remember to have a food back before I go swimming as I experienced a bit of a dip in energy today. God, so complicated! Righto - off to have my delicious chicken soup now...

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