Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Day 5 -96 Great day

I've been feeling so much better although still not 100% and we've had a really good day. We did lots of spring cleaning type chores this morning which sounds dull but is all part of the "new leaf" feeling I'm experiencing at the moment. Then this afternoon we went for what was meant to be a quick walk round the block. On the way home, D suggested that we go for a longer walk round a loop I've not been on before. I was feeling a bit knackered due to the cold but we went for it and had a lovely time.

It was only a walk but felt like an adventure 'cos it was misty and muddy and we weren't sure of the way. We saw an owl (not sure what sort - I'm going to look it up); found a couple of sheep skulls and for some reason decided to bring them home to put on the wall next to the garage (weird I know but funny at the time); there was a flood in a tunnel and D (wearing wellies unlike me) found some old milk crates so I could get across without getting my feet wet.

Anyway, it probably sounds a bit daft but it was a really nice afternoon. Made me happy that I hadn't taken up the offer of a free ticket to Wednesday v Man City tonight and was spending the evening with D and the dog! I cooked him supper this evening and didn't feel deprived (pork chop, stuffed mushroom, mash and veg). D even wished Wednesday luck as he headed out to the pub leaving me glued to Sky (as I am now) which is unheard of!

So, it seems that more than my diet is changing. Maybe 2007 really will be our year of change as we hoped it would.

For form's sake, the diet has been no problem at all although, next time I spend a couple of hours clambering round muddy fields, I'll have a foodpack before I go out!!

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