Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Day 3 -98

It's been a real day of two halves as the football managers (nearly) say. It was a gorgeous morning as you can see and an old friend came over to go for a walk. She's been on the Cambridge diet herself for 3 weeks not long ago so she had a few useful tips. Now she's on Atkins hence why we were going for a walk rather than meeting in a cafe or a pub or something!

It was absolutely beautiful up on the Edge, windy and chilly but, once we were out of the wind, sunny and mild, Stunning stuff. It really made me feel good to be alive and reminded me of why I'm doing this. As we walked up the hill we were both panting; I want to stride up hills and feel fit, healthy and ready for anything. I'm going to do it too.

After our walk, I still had enough energy to do a bit of gardening (some very mild weeding) but I was beginning to feel ropey. By mid afternoon, the cough was hitting full strength and my temperature was rising (and not in a good way). All I've been able to do is park myself in front of the fire and feel like death warmed up.

On a positive note, I think D is coming round a bit. He went and got a video for us to watch this afternoon and, when I went to cook him supper, came through to the kitchen without a whimper and sorted out the dishwasher and just generally helped out. I genuinely don't mind the cooking but would feel aggrieved if I had to cook solely for him and he sat in the lounge like Lord Muck waiting for it! Also, it helps keep me on the straight and narrow...

It's actually quite difficult to remember not to taste the food or lick my fingers. I've managed not to so far but I've caught myself at the last minute a couple of times. I've also had to have some Benylin too which is not encouraged as it has fructose and ethanol in it. I was getting desperate as the coughing spasms were so intense but now I wish I hadn't bothered as it doesn't seem to have made much difference - I'm still hacking away like an extra on La Boheme.

So, a night in tonight - had to turn down the village pub quiz team - and hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. I've already called in sick for tomorrow though as I know I won't be up to it.

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