Monday, 22 January 2007

Day 11 -90

Had a good day at work today once I'd crawled in through the snow. It's bizarre living out here but working in Rotherham as it was completely clear of snow in Rotherham and sunny so my work colleagues thought I was a bit strange striding in wearing boots and waterproof coat and telling tales of 5/6 inches of snow!

Diet is going fine. I've made more of an effort to drink water today so hopefully that will help. Really don't like Thai Chilli soup anymore which is a shame, had to force it down at lunchtime.

I had my pedometer on today for the first time and made an effort to take the stairs etc and go for a walk at lunchtime but still only managed 6790 steps. Will have to look to increase my steps at lunchtime as I can't see me walking in the dark once I get home.

On the plus side, I had my first personal training session this evening. She's clearly very sceptical about my diet and her blood pressure check showed high blood pressure but that is due (I think) to the cuff being too small. I've had that problem before but it's been fine at the doctors. Will go to the doctor to get it checked out though, just in case.

It was good to be working out again. I seemed to do quite well apart from my abs being a bit weak. So, maybe I haven't left it too late to get back into a routine. Really enjoyed it so hopefully will manage twice a week and increase the aerobic stuff on my own time.

Anyway, that's all for now - a nice bubbly bath awaits with half a lemon bar!! You rebel you...

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