Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Week 6 weigh in

Just a quick post with this morning's results from the scales as it doesn't feel real until it's posted!! I dropped 2.5lbs taking me to 16.7.8 and a total drop of 18lbs. I'm very pleased with this progress, especially as I can see it in my clothes and feel it in my health and general well-being.

I must sound a note of caution to myself as I can see some bready habits creeping in around the edges. Yesterday in particular with the funeral was far too bread based: crumpets for breakfast, bacon and egg sandwich for lunch, sandwiches at the wake and 1 piece of toast with a few baked beans for supper!!

This may explain why a) I was happy with my weigh in result despite it being the same as the last 3 days and b) I was really hungry this morning! Bread just doesn't fill you up properly.

I was tempted by bread or crumpets for breakfast too because bread craves bready company. However I resisted womanfully and tucked into a tasty bowl of mango, yoghurt, a sprinkling of homemade muesli and a drizzle of honey.

I must get back to work now but here is some apple blossom from my garden.


Peridot said...

That’s AMAZING! You must be delighted with yourself. Well done you!


Seren said...

Brilliant! Doing a happy dance for you 😀