Sunday, 13 May 2018


It's been a nice, quiet weekend as anticipated.

I did go to bootcamp yesterday morning as promised. I'd been rushing a bit to fit my shopping in so didn't have time for a proper breakfast so just had a banana.

When I got to the torture dungeon/MUGA (multi use games area), there was no one else there apart from the instructor. Apparently 2 of the other 3 women from last week had booked personal training sessions and the other was doing a run somewhere. So I ended up having a personal training session for £3.33!!

God it was hard! He seemed to know exactly how hard he could push me before I actually died. I was boxing at one point, punching high up which is a killer and thought about how much good I was doing to my waistline and obliques and how that would help with the wedding dress fitting. It really helped with the agony....

I was pretty much broken for the rest of the day. A dog walk, some gardening and cooking supper was all I could manage!

Today was more chores around the house and garden this morning and golf this afternoon. I have finally knocked the front garden into shape but it has been a long slog of weeding, sweeping, de-mossing etc

It was a stunning afternoon for golf. I lost my match but my 2 teammates won theirs so we won overall. So far, 2 wins and a draw for our little team!!

Now I'm full from Thai red chicken curry with cauli rice,  rhubarb crumble (cooked as low cal as possible with sweetener and oats etc) and a couple of glasses of white wine! We haven't had a dessert for weeks so the crumble was a great treat prompted by the butchers giving away free rhubarb. Damn them....!!

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Peridot said...

Mmmm, where was your Thai red curry recipe from?

I’m not sure about ‘quiet weekend’ - sounds exhausting to me!