Monday, 14 May 2018

A nice day for a funeral

It was Richard's step-grandfather, Frank's funeral this afternoon. And what an afternoon it was! I worked from home in the morning and took the girls out for a lunchtime walk and paddle in the stream. It was pure heaven out there.

I wish I could transmit the scent of these lilac blossoms as well as their beauty.

Shelagh is a bit blind and very deaf so throwing sticks for her is quite tricky these days; you have to land them practically under her nose. But when she gets one, she loves it and holds onto it for the rest of the walk and beyond.

Pretty forget-me-nots. They remind me of my grandmother (who died in 1985 so the reason for the memory has long gone - I suspect a poem).

Even the dandelions look fresh and acid bright in today's glittery sunlight.

Frank's funeral was good. Not too mournful or sad as he was 91 and had lived a good life and died peacefully after a relatively brief illness. Pretty much what most people would wish for.

It was slightly awkward in that there was a service in Bradwell then the family went all the way into Sheffield to the crematorium gor a 5 minute "service" and then back to the pub. It meant that a lot of people had already left before we got back although the drive over the moors with the roof down was spectacular.

Frank was a keen allotment gardener for decades so this floral tribute from his grandchildren was very apt. RIP Frank, the nicest Polish domino player I know!


Peridot said...

Oh your photos! I am homesick for the countryside. And I love lilac - I knew places to cut some in Suffolk so I could have that amazing perfume filling the flat.

Glad the funeral was as joyous as it could be.


Lesley said...

Need to get you up here before the end of the summer....part of your recovery??

Seren said...

Agreed - beautiful photos. And sorry for your loss.