Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Glum Tuesday

Well, not all of it. And not because my weigh in revealed a minimal drop of just 0.3lb taking me to 16.10.3 which is a total of 15.5lbs off in 5 weeks. Yes, it is a little disappointing that 1 big day out should wipe out a whole week but ultimately I feel that what I'm doing will yield results in the medium to long run. I had a good drop last week and I have seen a lower weight this week so I know I'm "trending" downwards.

So, not the scales and certainly not the weather which was lovely until going home time when we had a tiny shower. Work wasn't hideous either. I went out for a lovely walk along the canal at lunchtime. Quite a long one with lunch at a cafe on a terrace overlooking a swan pool which was marvellous.

Sadly my phone ran out of juice just before the cafe but I took these along the way.

Rotherham is a very industrial place so you're never far from a gantry, steel works or scrap works!

But there are some nice bits on between.

That's the cafe I had my lunch at, a few feet from dozens of gorgeous swans. Very calming and pleasant chat amongst the patrons.

So I have no idea why I'm feeling a bit glum. Probably a touch of TOTM or something. I was a bit late leaving work so missed bootcamp so maybe that might account for it?? Especially as I saw them all hard at it as I drove into the village, 10 minutes too late.

Anyway, I won't be glum tomorrow. We have a fine day forecast and I'm golfing at 8.12am. It's the Medal Final so a Board Competition is on the line. Would be nice to play well but just to play will be good!

I'm off to dad's straight afterwards too which will be good. I'll take the dogs and go for a Lincolnshire flat run on Thursday.


Seren said...

Hope you’re feeling a bit more cheerful today and that the sunshine s still with you. Don’t let one “bad” (and I refuse to say that ANY drop, no matter how small is a bad result) knock you off course, you’re doing fantastically well. Chin up and keep going!


Peridot said...

I agree with Seren - I think you’re doing marvellously.