Saturday, 21 February 2009

I better

Minty sniffing through the snowdrops (as opposed to tiptoing through the tulips!)

view up the Bamford Edge and the Quakers.

As quickly as it arrived the mystery illness has disappeared.

I felt much better yesterday just a bit under the weather but woke up today feeling Grrrrrrrreeeaat! The sun was shining; it's Saturday; I had the footie to look forward to and all was right with the world. I went for a lovely walk with the dogs on the way to the garage to pick up my car and I really thought that spring might have sprung a little bit.....I not going to say it though as it is still a bit early.

The footie went well - we got a win!! I had a good laugh in the pub with Jimbo and stuck to my plan of no breakfast and a chip butty and 2 pints of bitter for brunch (some diet eh?!)!! and now I'm being taken out for a somewhat grumpy D. But even that is not denting my good humour!!

I'm going to make good choices and really enjoy my night out - I'll let you know how it goes....have a good one!

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