Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Is it too slow???

D's usual happy smiling face!! He is a bugger for not smiling for photos. He says it's because I take far too many but I say "get used to it"!

Me on top of Whinstone Lee Tor with the Derwent reservoir behind me.

D on the same rock!

And the snowy view...
Peridot said that I was a star pupil and sometimes I think I am doing pretty well but not, by any means, all the time! I also wonder whether I'm taking to it well because I'm hardly dieting at all??

At this rate it'll take me a year to drop a couple of stone!!

When I read Peridot's impatience to lose that first stone and the fact that Mrs L has already lost a fair bit, part of me gets a big pang and wants to rush off for that quick fix. This is expecially true when, after my bad Saturday, it is touch and go whether I lose even a lb this week.

But, I'm going to keep the faith and, if possible, just adjust what I'm eating downwards a notch or so until I can be a bit more secure in losing something nearly every week. The main reason for sticking to it is the fact that I can see such massive changes in my mindset towards food.

  • I measured out my pasta today and it looked paltyr compared to my pre-diet portion. But I carried on with that amount, ate it and am now pleasantly full.
  • After the pasta, there was a brief tussle in my head concerning whether I was going to go and have something else....and I won the tiff easily; I didn't even head for the kitchen.
  • I went to a petrol station this evening, hungry and on my way to the gym and didn't give in to a snack. Pre-Beck that would have been a nailed on cert.
  • I haven't had a single biscuit or chocolate at work for over 3 weeks.
  • I've cut back my work day lunch and yet really enjoy it and don't want more.
  • I've cut out my daily MacDonalds cappucino and don't even think about it as I drive past.
  • Apart from on "Bad Saturday", I've not had bread at home for weeks.

So, all that is positive but the difference between maintaining and dropping weight is obviously quite small as I'm not dropping much and it feel painfully slow.

Also, I'm prone to giving into temptation in some circumstances - football being one of them. I met my pal at Pizza Hut last night and, having already checked out the nutritional values, I chose a pasta and a glass of wine. I then gave into 2 slices of garlic bread and, when Jim's individual pizza was upgraded to a large by mistake, I had a slice of that too! That's an extra 400 or so calories! Not great.

But, forewarned is forearmed and I'm determined that, next time, I'm going to choose the same pasta but add a side salad to it so that I feel happy turning down half the garlic bread. It was partly the fact that I hadn't had that pasta dish before and I was almost nervous that "it wouldn't be big/nice enough"!! How daft is that?? And partly that I associate going to the football with excess in food and booze. I'm reining it back in but it's taking time.

In case you're interested, Wednesday played terribly and lost to our other local rivals Barnsley which was dire....sigh.. That's the life of a fan of a mediocre club; up one minute, crashing down the next.

So, into the shower and off to the pub...have a great week everyone.


smellyshelley said...

You may as well take your time and do the slow and steady. If you go for the quick fix, you're more likely to gain it back and still be struggling with it in a year anyways.

Mrs said...

Dearest Lesley

Let's be honest - there is no quick fix! I am so glad you wrote this down as I was going to comment on your comment on my blog! Aha!

I'm doing hardcore for very specific reasons, which you know about. There is also a chance I may have to have surgery and at my current weight this would be problematic.

Hardcore is super hard but nothing like being in the real world of food, which is where you are now. That is TOUGH because you are learning new skills - perhaps ones that you've never had. I know I haven't.

If it helps at all, every time I feel the hardcore way is too hard, I remind myself that what lies ahead is ...just as, if not more so, challenging.

I firmly believe it's a combination of head and heart - you've got to deal with the head stuff and you've got to exercise, as well as the practical side of eating the right thing. And your motivation is all important. That's the heart side of things.

Just think, you are already making massive changes - I hope by writing them down you told yourself "great job" (tee hee). Seriously, though, these are BIG significant changes. They may not be reflected on the scales...yet, but they will be. Because you won't be going steadily up - quite the opposite, in fact.

I really mean it when I say you are doing better than you think. Literally!

Big kiss.

Your fat-fighting pal

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxx

Claire said...

Totally second Mrs L. x

Peridot said...

I too agree with Mrs. You're practising such good behviour that means it's less of a diet and more of a way of life. I know just what you mean about the tyranny of the scales - I'm so desparate to see that first stone off and then I think I'll be a bit more patient (famous last words). But I am not going on packs again - it's seductive in terms of a quick(ish) loss but I can't keep it up, or, more importantly, keep it off. I have to make this work in the world of controlled eating. You are doing that, you really are.

Peridot x

J said...

Your list of changes mindset wise is awesome - well done you xxx