Sunday, 15 February 2009

Saturday strikes again....

Phase 1 of our big walk, Minty still very excited and enjoying the view.
Looking up toward Bamford Edge and Stanage Moor.

D and the dogs.
Me! I suspect you would have worked that out without a caption though!

Shelagh bottom up in a snow drift while Minty eats snow.

It's like I just don't care on a Saturday!! And, to be fair, I don't really. If I can keep shifting the lbs, albeit slowly, while still enjoying one day a week without the dreaded dieting, then I will take that. We'll see though. If the lbs do not not shift this week then I'll have to blame Saturday (and my lack of Becklike application on said Saturday) and have a rethink.

It was a nice day. Up late, minimal chores and shopping and then we made some sarnies and hit the hills. It was quite an arduous 3 hour walk over some big hills made harder by the snow and the cold. We were slipping and sliding on the compacted and melting snow which really makes your legs and feet have to work that much harder. I can definitely feel those miles in my legs this morning! So, that will have burned off some of extra calories at least.

But I'm not kidding myself that it will have offset them all. I had a good breakfast, a sandwich lunch with extra flapjack, a 3 course Valentines supper (cooked by myself!) of crab salad, leg of lamb and sticky toffee pudding and 4 glasses of wine.

Now I look at it, it was not a terrible food day, especially given the big hike, but it was not a good diet day. And obviously 4 glasses of wine is not going to help any diet!! What made me feel that Saturday had struck was the fact that I didn't overtly apply my Beck techniques. I purposefully shut them out of the room.

I didn't then go mad or anything but I was not thinking, "do I need this flapjack? Am I really hungry or is it just desire and habit?" (Answer - no not really, but D is having a chocolate bar and I want a treat while we're walking too....) I also didn't read my cards or do today's exercise from the book. That is the 3rd Saturday now.

So, what do I do about it? Do I do anything? Part of me thinks, why bother? If I can continue to stick to the diet 6 days a week and drop lbs and I can get back on track every Sunday, what is the harm? Part of me is concerned that I'm "getting away with it" now but these Saturdays mean that I'm not really committing to the plan and the new mindset longterm thus threatening what I'm desperate to achieve, which is not just about dropping lbs.

I think that that second, irritatingly goody goody part of me is right.... smug, prig that she is..... so I need a plan in time for next Saturday (as well as getting back on track today etc).

I think I'm going to purposefully plan a generous amount of food into my food plan for Saturday so I'm not actually changing what I can eat, but what I am changing is that I continue to be accountable while I eat it. I'm going to the football next Saturday so I'm going to write down 2 pints of bitter and a chip butty on my plan and then I'm going to stick to the plan! That should make it easier to adjust my plan in the event that I stop losing weight and have to readjust what I eat and cut out the naughty stuff.
I hope that helps me to stick to the straight and narrow for the rest of the day. I'm off to read my book and catch up with my menu planning! Have a good day everyone.
On a slightly sombre note, yet another part of me is horrified that I care so much about this dieting rubbish that it's all I talk about in my blog when there are such scary things happening in the wider world. In particular, obviously, in Australia but on a much grander scale in Gaza or Zimbabwe. It just doesn't seem right to be so self obsessed when there are such tragedies occurring. It's an issue I've thought about every single time I've pressed "publish post" for the last few weeks. But I've just not felt qualified to add my two penn'orth to the subject and I'm not really now. I just felt the need to say that, in my real life, I'm constantly moved by events, try to do my bit where I can and try to live right and appreciate my blessings.


J said...

Just been catching up - love the flying minty pic x

Mrs said...

The way I read Beck, as long as you factor in certain things - it's OK! So, as you rightly observer, next weekend needs to have the pints and pie factored in (or butty!) as long as you account for it and overall it fits in to where you want to be.

And I think we're all the same when it comes to world events and big stuff happening outside the world of inch loss! The blog is your space to ... talk about that stuff. : )

Would it help, if I signed out with "Seize the Day" or something motivational?!

Remember Oprah!! (doing big stuff around the world but still fretting about the pounds)

Big kiss

Mrs Lxxxxxxxx

Peridot said...

At some mythical point in the future I intend to live by the pareto rule of 80% virtuous and 20% er, not! The 20% will be weekends!

Peridot x