Friday, 13 February 2009


View of Win Hill from Bamford Edge.

Minty Moo (as christened by Ameythist - the name has stuck with me Am!)

More Minty..

Elizabeth Bennett and her Aunt enjoy the view above Pemberley..

A very poorly positioned self timer shot!

I enjoyed the strange feeling of planning to enjoy a meal today. I knew I was going to have a nice big steak with mash, veg and fried onions tonight (albeit a very small amount of onions and only a small portion of mash too) so I deliberately had a smaller breakfast and no yoghurt with my lunch saving me about 300 calories. I may still go over a bit but it's the thought that counts!

And, when I was walking round town doing a bit of shopping before my hair appointment this evening, I didn't stop for a cappucino which I'm almost sure I would have done in the past. And I bought biscuits for work but didn't have one (I deliberately bought biscuits I don't like...there is such a thing!).

I had a Mrs L type epiphany today. I thought about the future, really visualised it. I pictured me around Christmastime (2009) and I'm slim, wearing size 12 clothes; I'm back running again (in new trendy running gear); and I'm buying a lovely slinky dress with high heels for the party season. I'm able to wear short skirts and chunky's great!

Then, like the spectre at the feast (inappropriate word that, in the circumstances), the thought hit me that, if I am to suceed in making that picture real, I would still only be eating around what I'm eaing now in terms of calories, give or take and depending on how much exercise I manage to fit in. Normally that thought is my cue for pouting and stamping of's not faaaiirr.....whine.

But not this time. Today, as I walked to the office, the thought came to me that, if it meant I would stay slim and stable and be fit and healthy (and look damn hot in a pair of jeans!) then I could happily eat what I'm eating now and exercise the same control forever.

Woah......does this mean that I'm growing up??!

Now, I must stick with the fantasy but not get ahead of myself as there's a long way to go before I'm a size 14 let alone a 12 but it is a good motivating dream so I'm going to hold onto it.

I've got straight hair tonight so I'm going to dress up and head off to the pub early and make the most of it! Have a great weekend eveyrone!


Ameythist said...

Ah now then you then have to call Sheilagh - Sheilagh Shug as in sugar. My lad is called Blade but for years has been Bladey Baby...My Sistors Dog Holly is Little Holly Molly! Its a curse I know!! Well done on your trials to date you have us all hooked on Becks and not the alcohol!!!

Mrs said...


Cheering you all the way from the South West!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxx

PS I did a little post for you, which I hope will make you smile!