Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tired Tuesday

View up to Bamford Edge. That blue sky was simply stunning.

Rabbit pawprints in the snow.
Sheep with Shatton Edge behind.

More Bamford Edge.
More sheep and the Quaker Community behind.

It's all been a bit manic today and I have a real belter of a day tomorrow with 2 very intense meetings, one after the other. So the priority tonight is to keep tight on the diet front and not use tiredness as an excuse to waver.

Although I started the diet proper yesterday, I hadn't actually read the final pre-diet chapter of Beck until last night. When I did, I realised that I should have written down everything I planned to eat on my first day the night before...Doh!

The idea is to go further than just keeping a food journal but to plan ahead what you're going to have for several weeks or even longer. This should achieve 2 main ends - firstly to avoid the spontaneous, panic eating. The "what am I going to have tonight?" sweep of the fridge which could lead to unwise choices. The second is to reinforce good messages and help you not to pick at extras. If you've taken the time to write down what you're going to have each day, when faced with a temptation, you can say "I can't have that; it's not on my plan".

You've also got to check off the items you do eat straight away, delete any you don't have and add any extras. That way, you can see where you're going wrong or right and, if there is a particular time which is a problem, you could add in a planned snack to avoid off-piste snacking.

It seems like a bit of a pain but it does kind of take away the autonomy and the choice - reminds me of LL to a small degree - "this is what I'm going to eat today; there is no choice".

Having said that, I did have a mini creme egg which a colleague offered me, along with everyone else in my team. We were conducting research into whether the mini eggs are as good as the normal sized ones (yes, but there is a greater ratio of chocolate to filling which does change the overall experience...). I calorie counted it and would NOT have accepted a large one!!

Personal training this morning too and a walk at lunchtime so, all in all, a pretty good day. Lets hope I can keep up the good work over the evening.

In other news, I've decided to jon the gym in Hathersage (a village a couple of miles away from home) because the nasty weather and dark nights are putting me off running on the roads and I'm quite busy at work so not getting out at lunchtimes often enough. I can join on a monthly basis so I'll let it lapse in the spring/summer when the nice weather and long evenings arrive. In the meantime, this will remove one excuse and also let me join my friend Vicky sometimes which is always a good way of getting in those much-needed work-outs.


Mrs said...

I read the title and then realised that your post sounded very upbeat! The pics, as ever, are gorgeous.

Do you think choice works for you? I realise it absolutely doesn't for me - it's a Pandora's box and leads to all sorts of nonsense! And that's what struck me about Beck (aha!), that you build in treats so you know they are coming ie you don't go bonkers/feel deprived.

I think the gym call is really good. It will get round the weather situation.

I am cheering you on from here!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx

Peridot said...

I much prefer the larger creme eggs - this is because I really only like the fondant stuff (I scoop it out with a spoon!). I guess it says a lot about me that my comment revolves around chocolate!

Peridot x