Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Standing still

The clock tower (now a house) at Bamford Mill.

Shelagh suspiciously guarding her stock of sticks.

The weir at Bamford Mill.

Shelagh pleading for me to throw sticks for her to fish out. Minty not bothered.

The road leading down to the Mill. I just like the name (and the ivy).

I must admit to myself (and you) that my dieting efforts are not really "dieting" as such; they are more "maintaining" efforts. If I were judging them on that basis I would say A- but for a diet, more like a C.

I think that the problem has been that I'm having too nice a time. You will probably remember that some of D's previous trips back from the rig have been characterised by grumpiness, rows, upsetting words and just general lowgrade marital misery all round. This trip has been lovely: relaxed, happy, no rows, lots of togetherness. And, as a result, the dieting has taken a back seat.

I have much to be happy about in terms of behavioural change but, after a 4 day weekend, today I could feel small slides back into temptation and away from my Beck regime. The only actual slip up was a small biscuit (don't know what they're called - one of those rings iced with crunchy pastel coloured icing that you used to have at birthday parties when you were a kid - just couldn't resist it - but I should have!) but I nearly gave in several times.

So, this is a reminder to get back to Beck - menu planning, reading cards, the lot. So - more exercise this week and just generally more attention to detail. I can live with maintaining for the time being but I MUST see some reward however slow soon.

D is back to the rig next Tuesday and I will cut back severely then in the hope of shifting a few lbs while he's away when I can de-stock the fridge, do more exercise and not be tempted to eat and drink out together etc. In the meantime, I must stay strong.


Mrs said...

Shall I make you laugh? You were nearly diverted by...a party ring! That's the name of the biscuit!!!

I am so pleased that you and D are having a lovely time together. That is FANTASTIQUE!

Maybe, in the longer run, you factor in time with D (and food with D) so that you can enjoy some lovely overriding hunger waves when he's not there!!!!!

Piccies gorgeous. As ever!

Keep on trucking!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxx

Claire said...

Gorgeous pic of the weir! Glad you and D are having fun. x

J said...

Love the slightly anxious Jack russel shots! And happy you are happy x as ever one of your posts really resonated - last night I had finished my plate when hubbi looked like he'd hardly started - v annoying- he has no food issues at all - he eats when he's hungry and rarely to excess- I hope our child learns form him and not me I would hate them to have the issues I've got!!!