Thursday, 5 February 2009


Minty in the deep, powdery snow yesterday lunchtime. She loved it.

It was hard work on the legs walking through thick snow up to the Salt Cellar but worth it for the views and the fun with the dogs.

Me and Minty in a winter wonderland.

Running dogs - they were working really hard as the snow was deeper than them in places!

The view.

I did my Hunger Log yesterday and was interested to note that I can now tell the diffrence between proper hunger - achy stomach, rumbling tum - and mere desire for food - watering mouth, prickly throat. I can talk myself into feeling "desire" for food just by telling myself that it's lunch time or by thinking about something nice but I can't talk myself into being hungry.

Wow - that feels like a breakthrough and you would have thought that I would have worked it out or had someone point it out to me in words of one syllable sometime in the last 39 years!! But no. Oh well, better late than never.

I was good all day yesterday - no treats on the train and a very restrained working lunch avoiding the fried goodies and the cakes and sticking to sensible sandwiches and fruit. Plenty of walking - to and from the station in the morning twice! Yes, a cancelled train meant I had to do the trip twice, in the snow, after hanging around freezing for 30 minutes with no announcements, on an otherwise empty platform....sigh.

Also walked around Manchester city centre for ages looking at examples of public realm (pavements and seating and stuff) as we're currently revamping the centre of Rotherham and need to know what wears well and what looks like crap - Piccadilly Gardens definitely crap if you're interested!!

But, and I'm sure you could feel a "but" coming on, I was tired and a bit irritated when I got home and perversely did NOT listen to myself about not snacking and wilfully allowed myself to have some toast after supper. Not terrible in the scheme of things but a bit annoying as it DOES make it harder to say no the next time. At least I enjoyed it properly and didn't let the lapse get any worse so no real harm done.

I weighed myself at lunchtime today - 10 days since my last weigh in and sadly only 2lbs off. I really thought it might be more and was beginning to feel a bit disheartened. Then I realised that 2lbs is really not that bad! I am judging it by LL standards and expecting that lovely rush of weight off and that empty, starving feeling. But this is not what Beck is about and, anyway, I've not even started my diet proper yet !! So - 2lbs is good and I do feel MUCH better.

I also did my Experiencing Hunger exercise today - which is basically skipping lunch! Not exactly bringing myelf to the brink of starvation or anything... Nonetheless, it was strangely daunting to KNOW that I wasn't going to have lunch and I did have slightly panicky feelings about it. How bizarre. I suppose I don't often miss a meal and, when I do, it kind of happens so I don't have time to think about it.

Anyway, the sky did not fall in. Cows did not fall over in the fields and no-one was observed baying at the moon in Rotherham High Street, not even me!! I was a bit tough at lunchtime itself as I had definite desire pangs but after a while they wore off and a couple of cups of tea and glasses of water took the edge off too. I didn't even have supper as soon as I got home - it was reasonably light as I'd left work early due to the icy roads and there was no traffic so I got back in good time, so I took the dogs for an extra walk. Just round the block but I was pleased I did it.

Supper was a nice salad and no snacking since.

So - I've survived hunger, what's next for tomorrow I wonder? I haven't read ahead yet. I know I'm starting the diet proper very soon and I'm looking forward to it in a strange kind of way....I want to get rid of this first stone before summer.

Keep up the good work everyone!


Mrs said...

Well, THIS reader is hungry for MORE! More of your blog! There's so much here...

1) The dogs - I just LOVE that picture of dogs running - they are so, so cute!

2) Train journey - superb superb behaviour - that's muscle training good and proper (from someone whose public transport muscle also needs flexing!)

3) Beck - blimey - there's A LOT going on there but I think it's doing you the world of good. I really do - because YOU are putting in the work. With the toast, I just think you put that down to a fantastic learning opportunity and one to flag up for next time. Remember the hole poem? It's like that, isn't it?

4) Weight loss - well, that's where I! That's excellent because, if you look back, you have NOT denied yourself 100% ie you have LIVED. You've gone to football, you've had friends over, you've gone out.

5) I just have to say how well you are doing - it's great to read, it really is. Keep it up, Mrs D! Keep posting, keep reading, keep Beck-ing!!!

Big kiss.

Your snow-bound friend, Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxx

Peridot said...

Very impressive stuff - it really feels like you're going from strength to strength. Personally I find it easier to withstand physical hunger than the desire for food. Shows it's all in my mind (and on my hips, my ass etc etc!)

Peridot x

foodie mcbody said...

Two pounds DOWN is so much better than two pounds, or any pounds UP. You are doing great. I think I need to wait 10 days between weigh-ins. I am weighing too often and if I go up by half a pound I freak out.