Sunday, 22 February 2009

He's just NOT that into you Minty!!

Minty meets a little Jack Russell on the Rec yesterday morning.......heellloooo, do you want to play??
Er, no, not really you big nutter, leave me alone....

Are you sure....go on....I'm nice, honest....

No! Leave me alone! Go away...

Mum, help! This big girl is scaring me....!

Minty trots up to me bewildered, she hadn't touched the wee fella (and God knows where his owner was) but he just wouldn't cooperate in her crazy games, what had she done wrong.....I had to break it to her...he's just not that into you Minty!

We had a gorgeous meal out last night - I worked very hard on making reasonable choices, eating them slowly and carefully and not eating more than I wanted, which worked well until the hot chocolate melty pudding thingy..... D and I were laughing at the difficulty I have in making a plate of food last as long as his meal...I have to consciously put down my knife and fork, chat, drink, anything and still I finish before him! I suspect I could do a crossword or knit a jumper and I'd still finish first! I'm afraid I'll always be an efficient eater; I just have to battle against the "wolfing" propensity in me (hey - "The Wolfing Propensity" - sounds like a sequence to the Bourne Ultimatum!).

Still, the bistro was lovely, the food tasty, healthy and not served in overlarge portions and the wine very nice indeed. The company (D) cheered up too so all was very well.

We've also had a lovely Sunday - quiet with lots of chores, but nice nonetheless. We tidied the house (and in the process found a hoover attachment that actually removes dog fur from the carpet which is a serious breakthrough in the Doyle household!), laundered, paperworked and did the thousand and one other tasks which accumulate. But today, it was strangely satisfying rather than irritating and boring. Maybe the sunshine and hint of spring in the air??

We didn't go for a long walk but I've got tomorrow off so hopefully we'll head into the hills then. It was very windy today so we just stayed in the valley.

I'm off to the pub quiz this evening which is going to be interesting...instead of our usual league game against another local pub, we have a bye so we've brought together all of our pool of players and made up 2 teams and we're playing A against B at home. I reckon the competition is going to be intense. I am captain of the B team and, to be honest, we don't stand much of a chance but we might get lucky! I'm just hoping not to be slaughtered.

I'm finding food at the weekend to be a challenge. I'm not so much following Beck, as following D. I'm trying to eat nice things but not a lot of them - basically, when D eats, I eat. This means, at weekends, I tend only to have 2 meals per day but one of them is likely to be a non-diet type option like pancakes!! But to balance the pancakes out, I don't have anything else until supper and then limit the spuds and portions etc . It makes the weekend very pleasant but I'm not sure yet whether it'll work. Weigh in on Tuesday so hopefully I'll see a small change. If not, a rethink of the laissez-faire approach will have to be on the cards!!!

Hope you had a good weekend (or as good as possible in some cases)!


Mrs said...

Ah Lesley

The perfect tonic for me! Thank you for writing such an uplifting and witty post, which cheered me up no end! It really did.

Glad you had an ace weekend. Hope you won the pub quiz!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxx

Peridot said...

Pancakes, mmmmm. Still, Pancakes a la Beck though - as it's not a headlong, thought-free dive into the sugary abyss but a thoughtful, reasoned approach to eating.

Peridot x

Kerri said...

Hi Lesley, Your lovely photos show Minty's playful spirit. Too bad the little JR wasn't willing to join in a game :)
You have some beautiful views in your neck of the woods.
My camera is a Canon Rebel XTi and I take most of the bird shots with a 300mm zoom lens (both presents from my dear hubby who likes to encourage me...thank heavens).
A lot of the photos are taken through the sliding glass door, but many of the birds will feed while I'm standing not too far away on the porch. They're used to me I guess. What camera do you have?
Keep up the good work with your diet. It's a tough road to hoe, but you're doing wonderfully well!
Our Monday is bitter with snow and strong winds. I hope your weather is warmer.
Thanks for dropping by and saying hello. Nice to 'meet' you :)