Thursday, 26 February 2009

This stops here!

I weighed this morning at personal training and I have GAINED a lb! When I am losing so slowly, I cannot afford even a single lb to go back on. I knew I was straying from the path of Becktiousness so I'm not surprised.

It is not the end of the world - just a set back and a timely reminder for me to get back to reading my book, the cards and implementing the plan, all the time, not just Monday to Friday afternoon!

So, I've put the book in my handbag to read at lunchtime at work and a properly chastened but determined Lesley is back on track.

Personal training was tough today to - running intervals and tricky weights. I feel better already!! Have a good one everyone.


Mrs said...

Hey! If you did personal training this morning, no gym last night is absolutely A-OK!!!!

I know what you mean about straying. It starts off with nibbling (your word, which I LOVE). It's the teeny tiny bits of fudging the rules (NO pun intended) that add up.

You sound focused again. Remember, a moment at a time!

Big kiss.

Your nomadic friend somewhere in the UK!!! xxxxx

Peridot said...

Good for you for being so positive. And well done on the personal training session.

Peridot x

Foodie McBody said...

I'm finding the same thing - I've gotten onto a plateau. And re the Beck Book, I think there's a big difference between READING it and DOING it. I've set up a Yahoo group for people who would like to do the exercises together and report back on progress. Interested in joining?

Crystal said...

You're's not the end of the world but we don't want to see it anyway! At least you are being strong and getting yourself back on track. Good for you! Hope the next post tells us how you already got rid of that pesky pound.