Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bliss bliss bliss

It's all about choices....

I used to struggle with these narrow stone stiles (not that one obviously but the ones where you don't have a choice) when I was bigger - now I can mostly slip through. People must have been smaller than thinner in the olden days!!

Minty trying to drink from a frozen trough...poor girl.

view towards Bamford with Stanage in the background.

View of Bamford Edge

View towards Bradwell.

Mam Tor in the distance.

Friday went well. I'd like to say that I tackled cravings as required by Beck but, to be honest, I didn't really have any so didn't need to resist. I'll try today as there's bound to be more temptation going round today.

A meeting was cancelled this afternoon and the weather was gorgeous so I worked through my lunch to get things finished and then took a few flexi hours and left the office at 2.15pm. It was a mad dash home to get my boots on and pick up the the dogs and my camera and get out into the snowy hills while the sun was still shining.

I went up Win Hill but didn't have time to get to the the top and back before dark so got about 2/3rds of the way up and then skirted round, following the sunshine, before coming down through some lovely, snowy fields and onto a little lane back home.

It was heaven. I took loads of photos and found myself both laughing and crying at the beauty of it all. The dogs had a great time too. It was a proper balm to the spirits (and good exercise slogging through the deep snow too!). I'd put a Twix into my pocket to have at the top but I forgot!! Forgot a Twix!! I never do things like that. I did have it later but I'd counted the calories and allowed for it so no guilt and it didn't lead to toast or other naughtiness. It was truly savoured too....

It made me compare and contrast though. The pleasure derived from the walk - the pinky sunshine on the snow; the sunset; the dogs' mad antics; the photos and just the "glad to be alive" feeling that my walk gave me- it was soooo much greater than the pleasure derived from the Twix. That was nice, sure, but over in a few minutes and not to be remembered fondly and with no lasting physical benefit. Whereas memories of my walk yesterday and the photos can still make me feel happy and positive now and probably will for days to come. So why do I crave a chocolate bar but not a walk in the hills??! It doesn't make sense. I must try to remind myself of this when I'm resisting exercise or craving chocolate.

Anyway, I have a busy day today: shopping for food; walking the dogs; football (the big match against Sheffield United - couldn't get tickets to Bramall Lane so I'm watching it on a big screen back at Hillsborough - not been to anything like before so it'll be interesting to see whether it's worth it); chores; pub. So, I'd better get on. Have a good weekend everyone!!

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