Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Weary Wednesday

I wish I loved to run as much as my 2 girls (and was half as fast)!!

The return of the amazing flying Minty again!

Well, I was right, it was a real belter of a day! Non-stop concentration and very important, difficult and high profile political meetings to negotiate my way through with and on behalf of my teams. In one way tiring and a pain, in another, just what I like most about my job. I hate the paperwork and the detail stuff (and I'm a solicitor!!) but love the human, negotiating, horse trading meetings. So, although it was tiring, it was good fun and, ultimately, we got quite good results from both meetings.

And lots more work, which is no bad thing in this economic climate!

Food wise, this Beck business is a God send. I planned out what I was going to have today last night and decided on a Boots King Prawn salad and Shapers yoghurt for lunch. This made me look at my schedule, realise I had very little time between meetings and get it bought early so, instead of giving in to the sandwiches and stuff at the second meeting, I could quite happily say that I had eaten already.

And tonight, when I got home hungry and tired, I'm straight into cooking what I'd planned last night (lamb steak and veggies) whereas I might have been tempted by tiredness to "treat" myself to something else if it hadn't already been decreed.

I like Beck because it is a good mixture of airy fairy concepts and theories and down to earth practical advice, tips and mental training. This is an instance where the concrete rule of menu planning has genuinely helped me to avoid a likely danger spot. I know how I feel now and what I would normally have done.

Another thing is the no snacking thing. Normally, on coming home, I convince myself that I'm hungry therefore it would a "good thing" to just have a snack so I will eat more sensibly later on! What a load of self-serving twaddle. I'm not that hungry, I've just got into the habit of calling my desire for a "getting home treat" as "hunger". And, it doesn't stop me snacking later; it actually makes it harder to resist as I'm already in the "treat" mindset.

So now, I eat what is on my list and no more and it's fine. I'll probably enjoy my meal all the more for it.

Diarmuid is getting home this evening. I'm really pleased that he made it off the rig as the choppers have been unable to take off quite a lot over the last few days due to the weather. He'll not be home 'til late so I'm going to the pub in a bit and will meet him there. I'm going to really work on not rowing like we have done the last few trips. Will try to not repeat old behaviour patterns and hope he does likewise!! Wish us luck!


Claire said...

I'm sure you don't need luck - you sound on top of things. x

Peridot said...

Good luck with D - we had a humdinger of a row last night. Hate them so much. Still, expecting canonisation as after a maximum of 5 hours sleep, still got up and ran this morning!

Peridot x

Mrs said...

Do you know what's amazing? The changes in your behaviour. I don't mean that in a doubting way but the changes are clear to see (from a distance). You sound so much stronger around food.

Hope you gave yourself lots of pats on the back for an awesome day.

I do hope that the reunion was joyful! We now need the Beck version of relationships!!!!

Try to plan some lovely time with D - build them into your food diary.

Go Lesley!!!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxx