Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I haven't posted these pics I took a few weeks ago of the birds on our feeder during the snowy weather. They were so impatient to be fed and went through so much seed trying to keep their little bodies warms. Above we have goldfinches and a blue tit.

....with blackbirds below

here are greedy greenfinches in flight and a sparrow.

and above a lovely male siskin with his black head and a goldfinch.

and here, of course, the chirpy robin!

More goldfinches and sparrows.

But not with the food side of things, just with the blogging! I've been really busy over the last few days with work, social life and other commitments and have struggled to find time to get to the computer. D left for the rig this evening though so that will no doubt free up some time although I'll definitely miss him.

Anyway, I seem to have got back on track with Beck but fear that the actual diet I'm following is not strict enough. Calorie counting is possibly a bit vague for me. It is working insofar as I'm not GAINING weight but I'm not losing, or I'm losing but incredibly slowly.

Think I'm going to have to investigate different food based diets and really stick to them, possibly Slimming World or Weightwatchers Online (I absolutely refuse to go to my local class; it is a scrum and I can't stand the leader). I am serious about losing the weight so must find the right plan - it is no use using Beck to learn how to stick to my diet, if the diet I'm sticking too is not effective.

I've been quite good with exercise recently: played squash for the first time in over 10 years last Friday. It was against a work colleague and I was pleased how quickly the old skill came back to me! I thrashed her but the exercise was brilliant, really sweaty and tired. My backside ACHED afterwards though so I'd better keep playing to try and keep that muscle in use! We went for a good long walk on Sunday; I managed a quick jog on Monday morning before the dentist and personal training this morning. So, if I can manage a class or the gym tomorrow night, training again on Thursday and some more exercise Friday and Saturday (squash or badminton maybe), that'd be a full week which would be a first for a long time.

Have a good week everyone and stay strong Mrs L!!


Claire said...

Wow! That's a lot of exercise - and I was proud of my digging this weekend. Sounds like you are doing everything right - keep going and you'll get there. x

Peridot said...

You really sound like you're leading an exemplary lifestyle - I imagine you glowing with health! Let us know which diet you plump for (ho ho).

Peridot x

Kerri said...

I love seeing the birds you have there. Your goldfinch looks a little different to ours. Is there a bit of red on its head?
Your Robin is smaller and cuter than ours.
Surprisingly, our cats are pretty good about leaving the feeder birds alone. I have to chase one away sometimes. More so in the summer, but during the winter they mostly stay in the barn. Sad to say, they do catch a bird occasionally, but there are plenty of field mice around for them. I think that helps keep them from hunting the birds so much.
Good luck with your diet. You are a diligent person! Keep up the good work.