Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Days 257 and 258 - Tuesday and Wednesday

I struggled big time with resisting temptation on Tuesday and, apart from some extra fruit and a pack of king prawns at lunchtime, came through unscathed. I stuck to the plan reasonably well and had training in the morning so managed my exercise.

Yesterday though, although I wasn't really ravaged by temptation, it went a bit rubbish in the evening and I had some unauthorised bread and a bowl of cornflakes! Which is stupid because I went to Pizza Hut and really enjoyed my calorie counted salad. Also, for various reasons I couldn't fit in any exercise. It was always going to be tricky but I just couldn't leave the office for a run at lunchtime and I had the football in the evening so couldn't go then either. Still, the football does involve quite a long and brisk (it was freezing!!) walk to and from the ground so not too bad!

The game was really exciting - Carling Cup game against Everton. We played so much better than I have seen them play this season and were well on top of the Premiership side for most the game and had loads of shots at goal - just couldn't quite score (story of our life). After about the 10th shot was saved I just knew it wasn't going to be our day though and, sure enough, Everton, with their first real chance, scored and right at the death took another 2 so it ended with a really unflattering 3-nil scoreline which makes you think that Everton battered us - but they really didn't. A strange game, football. (Or "soccer" for you Americans!!)

It was cold last night but I felt it way worse than I used to. I'm also suffering from poor circulation in my hands and feet these days. The doctor said I have probably always had it (and he's right, it is a family trait) but, when I was fat, my core temperature stayed high so my body didn't have to restrict blood flow to my extremities to keep my core warm. Now I'm thinner, my core gets colder so my fingers and toes suffer!! So - I really need good coats, hats, gloves and boots!! Shopping is now more of a necessity than a pleasure.

I traipsed around Meadowhall in a spare 45 minutes before the game and bought a lovely bright red 3/4 length wool coat. It's fitted and really cute. I also bought a pretty dark grey hat but couldn't find a smart scarf and glove set to go with the coat for work type wear. I want something in pewter grey and black to tie in with my grey work stuff and my black suit. It's very complicated!

I'm also at one with Shauna (Dietgirl) in her quest for good long length winter boots. I'm somewhat dischuffed to note that, despite having lost 81/2 stone, my calves are STILL too big for long boots in all the normal shops. I'm going to have to fork out for internet boots from Duo or somewhere similar....grrrrr But I'm going to do it sooner rather than later because the nights are fair drawing in....

Anyway, that's enough blathering for now. Keep it up fair dieters and we'll all be skinny minnies together soon.


Peridot said...

Re boots - this is absolutely normal. One of my best friends who is a perfect 10 and looks an utterly standard small size (not a 10 with strange bulging calves) cannot get boots to fit her calves and I hear this alot. I tried on a pair in Clarks at the weekend which wouldn't do up and a pair in Next that would - it's as bonkers as all other sizing. I habitually buy boots from Duo and whilst they are expensive they are nice.

If you can wait until you come down to London they have a store on Saville Row where they have every style in every size to try and then they send your choice to your home address (or wherever). I find this much better to get a decent fit than ordering over the internet - I started with a pair last year and went down 2 calf sizes and 2 foot sizes from what I had measured myself as.

Peridot x

Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

I am SOOO with you on the cold front. I already had crap circulation but I have noticed it's really bad. I had to borrow someone's gloves today to cycle home.

I thought less weight would mean better circulation.


I am up and down on the food front but hang on in there fellow RtM friend.

Big kiss. Mrs Lxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I get my boots from J D Williams they do different calf widths. Give them a go.

Kittycat said...

OMG Lesley you look amazing!!! Well done!!!

I haven't been in blog land (or diet land) for an age but I remembered about it before and thought I'd say "hello".

Fab pics on your blog too ;)

Steph x

Mrs said...

How goes it fellow RtM chum? Hope you are ok and not finding it TOOOO hard?

Big kiss.