Thursday, 6 September 2007

Day 238 - Inspiration

Every now and then I receive a comment from someone who isn't one of the "gang" who regularly posts and comments. Usually it's about how they read my blog and I inspired them to start LL or CD or something and how reading it keeps them going. Now, this sounds unbearably bigheaded bringing it up and it's not meant to be (well, maybe a little bit!!) but I just wanted to record how important those posts have been to me.

The thought that someone out there was feeling crap about themselves, casting around for a solution and found my words inspiring enough to give LL or CD a go really amazes me and makes me feel proud and happy at the same time. It also makes me take what I'm doing a bit more seriously - I mean, if it's good enough for someone who has never met me to help them try and change their lives, then it should be good enough for me to devote some real energy to!! The posts remind me how important and serious the whole getting healthy endeavour is, which is easy to forget once you've lost a fair bit and are feeling great.

I know we've all wanted to go up to women in the street who look big and uncomfortable and sad and say "there is an answer; here it is - you do this!". But we can't. Well, in effect, we can. We can help all the people who are surfing the net in the vain hope that something will pop out at them and present itself as a possible answer. How fantastic is that? So all this blogging is not just self indulgent navel gazing, it's valuable support and help and humour and a laugh and a picture of what can be....

So - here's me being v v soppy but also totally appreciative of all the inspiration and support I've received from the blogs and comments. I'm sure I would not have done as well without you all.

Oh, and I'd like to...sob....thank my agent and my Mum and my dog and my great granny who died in've all been bewdiful....I'm blessed....sobs again....wipes fake tear from heavily mascara'd eye...


Mrs said...

Class! (joke!)

You make me laugh when you are all jaunty and happy and yes, you also inspire. So a double whammy.

Let's have a blog love fest!

And yes, you are right, we can lead by example BUT also show how it's really done, not some airbrushed version...if you know what I mean!


Big hugs!! And cheesy grins!! xxxxxxxxxxx

Ameythist said...

Tee Hee just read this post after commenting on the last!!!
Oh Lesley you inspire - you made me get up and do something and yes you deserve all the credit........
and the oscar goes toooooooo

Sarah4870 said...

Hi Lesley, after the post I really feel the need to comment. I started LL the very same night you did back in January.I have now changed to CD and have lost a total of 131 lbs. I came across your blog by chance and read it daily. You wouldn't believe how much you have helped me and on the odd days you dont write, I really miss you. Dont worry I am NOT stalking you!!! I am very interested to read about RTM and the best of luck with it. Thanks Sarah

Conn76 said...

No, Thank you! In fact I popped in to catch up this evening because a large black food cloud has been hovering over me this evening and I couldn't summon the energy to find any reasons not to eat. I was closer then ever to just closing my concious mind off and going to get some chips.

Instead I came back and decided to read through the blogs instead. Thank god. Our Locum counsellor said something rather worrying last week. When I said I was blogging - which helped as a form of reflection. She said ' Lighter Life don't like you to use blogs as people will sabotage your plan.' I tried to explain that it is the complete opposite but she was not for turning...

So, I'll still be around - glad to hear the benefits are mutual. Sorry for such a long comment!


Guinea said...


Such A Pretty Face... said...

Hello you,

acceptance speech aside, I just wanted to say, that when I was deciding whether lighter life was me it was blogs like yours that finally got me to make that first call.

You are an inspiration to people like me. I like reading about "actual" people's accounts of their time on LL, the good times, the bad and the down right "I ate food- and I am still here-ploughing on" times. I have only recently started to comment on people's blogs even though I may well have been lurking for a while (in a completely non- stalker way - of course)


Amanda said...

I'm now sitting here with a big grin on my face having just read this.

Reading your blog gave me more advice and hope than the induction day on LL, which made up my mind to start this diet; to which I can't thank you enough as I am happier and more confident than I have ever been for such a long time. Also, through your blog, I've found lots of others to read & keep me going.

So, big hugs to you & glad you had fun on the photo session & hope the pic you want comes out great, I'm sure it will.

Amanda x

Peridot said...

Mrs is quite right when she says that blogs like yours are so important because it is the real, gritty, honest account of getting there. I'm far more likely to believe a real account - problems included - than some sanitized, glossy, PR spun version from the company trying to sell me something. That's why Conn's LL Locum is soooo wrong! You're a better advert for LL than anything they could come up with - 3rd party endorsement is the strongest selling point any company can have. (But I'd like to thank your dog too - best supporting actress!)

Have a lovely weekend.

Peridot x

Sue said...

Hello Lesley,

First I must say ditto to all of the above comments!!!

I started LL one month ago and came across your blog while trying to decide whether it was the right thing to do. After reading about your journey, I too was inspired to give it a go. I'm so happy I did. I've lost 17lbs so far and apart from the first week or so I feel better than I have in a long time. So thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with others, I'm truly grateful.

Sue xox

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm one of theose mystery lurkers!

Starting CD on Sept 17th.

Thanks so much xxxx

Rachel (London) xxx