Monday, 24 September 2007

Day 256 - My Comeuppance!

Well Bliogger is playing ball today so a few piccies from Saturday night for your amusement.

I'm seeing the food business clearly now after a weekend spent in a fog of carbs and sugar excitement. I think getting out for the run on Sunday evening made the difference - I did eat after I came back (I'd pretty much written off Saturday and Sunday for diet purposes) but while I was out I formulated my plan and, when I woke up this morning, it was all there, ready to be implemented.
I've learnt that much about myself - if I process something and set out a plan of how I'm going to behave, there's a good chance I'll stick to it without too much trouble. If I leave it to fate, there's a good chance I'll make some seriously dodgy decisions! I think it's the walking round the hole thing - so far, I can plan to walk round the hole with my conscious mind but not unconsciously walk down the other street.
[The hole analogy won't mean much to others but came from a poem posted by Mrs Lard which is printed in the front of the Lighter Life Route to Management book. It's an illustration of how you gradually learn to manage food, consciously at first and then as part of your everyday life.]
So - I had my weigh in this evening and over the last 2 weeks have gained 3 lbs. I was expecting something like that especially due to the big weekend but think the weight was creeping on notwithstanding the party. I'm not too upset about it though as I have my plan in place. Obviously I'll be gutted if my plan doesn't work by next weekend but we'll give a chance shall we??
The plan is to revert to Week 1 of management with the addition of a couple of pieces of fruit and to do some form of exercise (either running or training) every day this week. I have written out food plans for every day so I don't go off plan. Today's was as follows:
Breakfast - chocolate shake
mid-morning - small orange
Lunch - mushroom soup
mid-afternoon - small orange
Supper - cottage cheese and green salad with fat free dressing
Evening - lemon bar
I've cut out the milk in teas and coffees which had crept in and the nibbles of verboten items too. So far, it's gone very well today so I'll do something similar tomorrow except vary the fruit and change the cottage cheese to mackerel I think. I feel much more in control and think this could be something I do when necessary to drop a lb or so.


Such A Pretty Face... said...

love the pictures.

You look so radiant, beautiful and happy. I am glad you've got a plan of action to get back on track with management.

I wish I had your motivation and get up and go to actually go running. I just can't seem to run, or more to the point don't know how to - that sounds silly but it makes sense in my head!

ThickChick said...

Not to sound like a broken record, but I second 'such a pretty face's'
comments... you look slim, gorgeous, and best of all, utterly HAPPY!

You have a plan in place and nothing is stopping you!

Claire said...

My God you are gorgeous!! Well done isn't really enough to say, I think you look fantastic :o)

Glam said...

You look lovely! I love your outfit too. Super cute.

You are steamrolling that fat, girl! I'm amazed at your progress. Well done!

Good luck with your plan and those three pesky pounds that creeped back on you! I'll be cheering ya on!

Ameythist said...

Hi Lesley -you look marvellous still my inspiration - I have finished with LL and now do CD for the last stone I have lost just under 6 and feel fabulous - I have your site bookmarked on the page where I asked you all about LL and you were so helpful I cannot believe it was only the end of March - you really have changed my life - you will always remain my blog friends thank you xx

Sandra said...


Glad the party went well. Don't worry about the 3 lbs - I put on more than that over the weekend and I'm sure it's just glycogen. At least you are learning to alter your behaviour so you can let your hair down and then compensate later.

Mrs said...

You just look fabulous!

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxx

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! Looking at you now you would never imagine that you have ever had a weight problem. That skinny bod just fits so well!