Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 14 September 2007

Day 246

A pretty quiet day today. Worked hard as usual but went food shopping at lunchtime and daydreamed about all the nice things I'll be able to eat soon. Actually Tesco was a bit of a nightmare. I forced myself not to buy stuff I can buy in my local butchers, fruit and veg shop etc and only get more exotic stuff from the big bad supermarket etc. I was walking and carrying so that made sense anyway. But, once I'd got nearly everything on my list, I started being consumed with desire to buy and eat bad stuff - anything from the bread and pastry shelves, biscuits, chocolates, not crisps but then I've never been a crisp girl, nuts, anything bad! It was an almost physical torment but I couldn't seem to leave the shop.

I managed to resist (just!) and left with only some fruit and a very small kiddies' bag of apricots to snack on! Not bad. I must admit that I did eat more of the fuit than I needed for my lunch but compared to what could have been, I was a positive angel!

I left work early and dropped into B&Q to pick up some bright red paint for a couple of garden chairs (Adirondack style ) which we've bought cheap on ebay.

Then back home and staright off to personal training. It was nice training in the evening again - a bit easier than at 7am as my body has woken up! Huw rang the changes a bit and we did lots of abs stuff which was pretty good - hope I'm still saying that tomorrow morning!

Supper was v healthy - I sorted D out with a pie, mash and gravy and made a gorgeous salad for me - leftover cold chicken, mango, a few pine nuts, leaves and cucumber and a dressing of balsamic, orange juice, sweetener (to take the edge off) and a TINY splash of olive oil. It was absolutely delicious and very different to what I would previously have eaten. I'm pleased that my tastes seem to have changed for good.

Now I'm going to jump into the bath with the England rugby match on the radio and then off to the pub for a very quiet couple! I'm determined to get D home at a decent hour - he's complaining of a cold and cough and yet does nothing to look after himself!

Hope you're all set for a nice weekend - look after yourselves.


ThickChick said...

Impressive resistance at the grocery store! I don't think you can possibly fault yourself for eating fruit for lunch and your dinner salad sounds like something I would LOVE!

I heard England lost the rugby match... I work with a UK and a South African and they were at the pub for several hours today watching. =)

Have a terrific weekend!

Mrs said...

"I started being consumed with desire to buy and eat bad stuff" but you didn't! Well done; I've been reading up a lot about these compulsive urges because they are doing my head in!

Thanks for posting comments on blog; happily, I'm still 40 for another three weeks. Phew!

Hope you are staying calm for party fun next week; remember the event management rules - make sure everyone has enough to eat and drink and music to dance to (if you are doing dancing) and bingo! A guaranteed party success!

Big kiss.

Mrs 'I don't do moderation' Lard

Sandra said...

Last night I felt like wrestling a toddler at the gym who announced he was going to have a cheese & pickle sandwich. Heaven!

This morning I had a really good loss at my pop-in. I'm now my lowest ever weight BUT need to be careful in the next couple of days because my usual weigh in is in the evening and I know I put on 4 lbs during an average day.


Sandra said...

Oh - and just saw your comment. Thanks!
I am aware that those things can go badly. Sometimes I forget that people have knives or guns!