Thursday, 20 September 2007

Day 251 - Wednesday is calorie counted!

So a third day of writing EVERYTHING down and counting calories and the results from the Derbyshire Jury are looking good! Around 1,800 because I weakened after a round of party shopping in Costco and had a small packet of honey roasted cashew nuts at nearly 300 calories! But good apart from that and I did go for a good fast 45 minute run at lunchtime which would have burned off (I'm told) 400 calories!

I'm doing a free 3 day trial of the food and exercise diary on Weight Loss Resources website. Has anyone else used something like this? I'm finding it pretty good and will probably sign up for a month at least to keep me on the straight and narrow and see how it goes. It's a bit fiddley inputting the food you eat to start but as you go on your Favourites list gets longer and more helpful so it gets quicker.

We're doing nothing at the moment apart from preparing for the big party so life is a bit dull. I'm ditching french this evening to clean the house for example - not thrilling!

I'm just grabbing a quick 10 minutes to update after my early morning personal training session with the luscious Huw. It was great this morning, did my measurements as I wanted a base for the Management stage of my journey. Now that I'm not planning on losing much more weight (maybe half a stone over the next few months if I get the hang of this calorie counting stuff!) I want to see what other changes are to be made. It's nice to know that all my measurements, fat %, body composition etc are well within the normal healthy range - still can't get over it!

Anyway - I'd better dash off to work. Have a good day everyone!


Sandra said...

WLR is good but if you want to use something free, you could try It is a US-based site and some UK foods are not listed - so you might find WLR better from that respect but once you've added a food and added it to your favourites, it stays on the system.
I used SP to count calories and exercise before LL.

Amanda said...

Well done on keeping up with the calorie counting, you sound like your getting the hang of it.

I found the Chilli Apple Jelly recipe on website. If you put the name into the quick search, it'll come up. Hope it goes well, I'll be making mine at the weekend, so fingers crossed!!!

Is it this weekend D's party? If so, hope you have a fabulous time, I'm sure you will.

Amanda x

Guinea said...

Hi Lesley, It's been a while since I've had the time to catch up here, but I had to comment on your last post.

I think you'd get on well with Weightloss Resources. The missus started to use it when I started LL and it's been an eye opener for us both.

There's seems to be a great community on the site, and althogh it's not free it is still pretty cheap.

I graphs out your weight, your food groups, and adjusts your allowed calories as your weight and targets change.

If after your three days you think it's working, stick with it. I'm pretty sure I'm be going there when I finish with maintenance.

ThickChick said...

AAAAAAAAAAA! Congrats on all of your measurements and percentages being in the healthy range!

I don't have the guts to get my body fat measured. I remember getting it done 7 years ago and almost peeing my pants at the insanity of the number.

Pats on the back for your calorie counting too, you're such an inspiration!