Sunday, 23 September 2007

Day 254 and 255 - party and day after party!

Hmmmm - for some reason Blogger isn't letting me post my party pictures. I've faffed around for long enough now so am going out for a run and will try again later.

The party was GREAT!! Loads of people turned up; the weather was mild and so we were outside all night; the dancing went on 'til late and me and D and had a good time too. It's all tidied up now (which wasn't too bad 'cos all outdoors so no indoor damage). We have masses of drink leftover though due to our inexperience in knowing how much to buy; everyone bringing their own stash and D adding a keg of beer (72 pints) to the order at the last minute thus leaving about 48 cans of John Smiths untouched!!!

So - we'll have to have another party at Christmas (or maybe next spring....).

Seriously - I loved it - it reminded me of the parties my parents used to throw when I was a kid in Nigeria. Loads of people, all different ages, different social groups and all chatting, dancing and getting on.

The garden looked good too. D had a good time and got loads of nice presents and some very dodgy ones as well. I re-discovered 1990's rave and house music thanks to a friend who brought down a serious dancy CD to which the last 10 of us danced like Cream and Hacienda nutters for the last couple of hours before finally collapsing and going to bed at 5am!

I also have several desserts leftover and a gallon of cream. Am taking them all to work tomorrow to make everyone else as fat as me!!

I was well off plan over the weekend. No regrets. Am going to go to class tomorrow, take the punishment and then possibly do a week on 4 packs a day to lose what I will have gained!!! It's not just been a bit of booze (probably only 3 glasses of wine over the whole evening) but also roast pork and beef sandwiches, salads (the bad sorts), carrot cake, tarte tatin, a fried breakfast this morning and numerous other travesties. I know I must pay and pay I will!!

So - jogging now and will try again with the piccies later. Byyee!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds great & look forward to the piccies!! If its any consolaton I polished ff a bottle of wine yesterday so today must pay!! Not with packs though thank god!

Such A Pretty Face... said...

Hi there,

Sounds like a good time was had by all, can't wait for the piccies..

ThickChick said...

Wahoo! Sounds like it went off without a hitch! Congrats on pulling off an amazing party and having a wonderful time in the process.