Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Day 243 - Happy 40th D!

As you can see, it's D's 40th birthday today. I had totally blanked on a decent present - I had originally wanted to take him on surprise weekend to Paris for the Ireland-France Six Nations rugby game in France in Feb but then his work rota changed so he would be away for it and after that could not get inspired by anything! He's the sort of guy who isn't into clothes or designer gear and, if he needs something, he'll just go and buy it. He's a nightmare to shop for!
So, in the end, I decided to take a couple of days off work to surprise him and whisk him away on a road trip either camping or staying in a posh hotel somewhere. Short notice but the best I could come up with. It was funny because just before we fell asleep last night he said - "we should go away somewhere - just the 2 of us, maybe camp - why not tomorrow?" which just made me laugh! So - he was really happy with the surprise and not bothered at all about not getting an expensive present. In fact he said that my losing all the weight was the only present he'd wanted and the best thing he could imagine, which was pretty nice!
But - as with all half-assed plans, somthing was sure to go wrong. D has a horrid head cold which has today spread to his chest and after a few coughing fits which really took it out of him I suggested that he wasn't up to a road trip and, seeing as the weather at home is so gorgeous, why didn't we just stay at home together and potter? He was happy with that too and we've had a really great day. Finished chores, oiled all the new garden chairs and table, sat by the pond in the sunshine and had a lovely roast chicken dinner followed by a walk together this evening. He's gone to the pub for a couple and I'm going to join him in a minute.
So - a lovely birthday and a big party coming up in a couple of weekend's time. Spot on.
Food wise, I've been pretty good. I didn't have any spuds, stuffing or gravy with my roast chicken just chicken breast, broccoli and a ratatouille. I know I shouldn't have tomatoes until next week but, in the scheme of things, it's not the biggest sin. I'm absolutely loving the yoghurts and looking forward to making up some dips to have with the new veggies I'm allowed. It's all good - just need to keep it going and exercise like a mad thing.
Tonight I had decided that I wasn't running as have been out the last 2 nights and going again tomorrow. But, I felt really full and sluglike which is why I dragged D out for a latish walk round the fields. I still feel full but slightly better. Just goes to show that exercise can be a bit addictive when you actively miss it after just one night off. This eating business is tricky in more way than one! All the water I'm going to drink in the pub tonight should flush that bloaty feeling out though.


ThickChick said...

I love how you have the will to drink water at the pub! I'm sure I would cave in and drink a few pints. Good for you!

Hope you enjoy your days off... and I always say this.. but your yard looks incredible!

Sandra said...

Lovely photos again - anyone would think we'd had a great summer in 2007 from your blog!

I think men are often difficult to buy for. In those situations I would usually get a voucher for a store they like - then they can buy what they want but not spending their own money!


Peridot said...

Your garden looks lovely - and so do you! Yet another similarity between my b/f and D - mine's impossible to buy for too (and his birthday is next week - eek!). Glad you're getting some sunshine to enjoy the fruits of your labour (although you're probably not allowed fruit yet!!!)
Peridot x

Amanda said...

Allan is exactly the same as D, if he wants it, he buys it there & then and I normally end up getting him tools (his last pressie was a workbench, really exciting).

Shame about the camping trip, but it sounds like you had a lovely day and what a really nice thing to say to you & there’s still the party to look forward to.

The garden looks fabulous and what a lovely place to sit & while away a sunny afternoon.

Amanda x