Monday, 10 September 2007

Day 241 and 242 - Sunday and Monday

Sunday was another lovely day. We planted up the bed round the pond and the herb bed and Diarmuid cracked on with putting in the logroll edging round the shrub beds and other dull tasks. It looks great now - I'm so pleased with the progress we have made - feels a bit like a magazine shoot though - like someone is going to roll it all up and put it back in the lorry in a few weeks' times!

I took the dog round the village delivering party invitations too which turned into a bit of a catch up session with various friends and I ended up making a running date for later on with Kate. We were both keen and there was a definite glint in her eye so I knew we were going to having a proper work out! We went for a good 6 or 7 miles over hill and dale and loved every minute of it. At one point I was having the "good to be alive" feeling and looked across at Kate who was also grinning like a Cheshire Cat. She said "it's great to be doing what your body is designed to do" and that just summed up how I was feeling.

Trouble is, and there's always a "trouble is" these days, when I got home and showered etc and stayed in rather than going to the pub, I had a bit of a pigout session. Just kept on going back to eat more stuff. And some of the stuff included toast! Not good. Handfuls of raisins, fruit, toast, chicken leg, milky coffee - it went on a bit! Not good. I definitely should have gone to the pub and distracted myself with endless glasses of water or come up here to blog but sat in front of the telly eating instead. Haven't done that for a while!

I put a stop to it but felt bloated and pissed off with myself. Really not the best thing to do and on the night before a weigh too!

Anyway, this morning (Monday) the scales looked as though they were going to be kind to me so I resolved to be very good at work and put a stop to all the little extras which have been creeping in to my day. Which I did, sucessfully. I did loads of walking for various reasons at work too and then went for a run before my class this evening. That's something I have been thinking about doing anyway as I don't have time to drive home and then get to the class but I don't want to stay at work that late either so I will fill the gap with a run or maybe (if the weather is dreadful) a trip to Meadowhall!

So - overall I was relieved to have got away with a single lb GAINED!! I don't feel too bad about it but WILL do better next week. I've been getting my head round various tactics and will post about them tomorrow when I've got more time.


Such A Pretty Face... said...

Hello you,

just catching up with your blog. Pond looks lovely. You certainly seem to live in a beautiful part of the country, round here there are roads, buildings, more roads and yes more buildings- the joys of living in a big city!


ThickChick said...

Wow, your yard DOES look like something out of a magazine!

Congrats on your first week of maintenance under your belt, you truly look slim and fantastic!

Glam said...

wow, your garden is amazing! i would love to look in my backyard and see that. it look so peaceful!

phfew! your little binge didn't seem to do too much damage, but here's to more controlled eating! Good luck with maintaining- you'll do great!

P.S. You look amazing and so happy in your previous pics- and trim too!

chrismars said...

Looking good!

Hi Lesley. Just checking in before I'm off again, no holiday this time. Off into hospital this afternoon for the surgery.

I've tried to catch up on your blog, but there's a lot to read. But if I've missed some 'great' event or breakthrough - pleasse let me know about it on my blog.

Speak soon.....Chris x

Sandra said...

These food issues take some cracking, don't they?

Amanda said...

Your pond is looking really lovely, it must be so nice to sit & watch the fish & just relax.

Luckily only a lb after your blow-out, but I suppose your still getting to grips with being allowed to eat again. I'm sure you'll get it under control.

Keep up the good work though, your run sounds fabulous & it was such a beautiful evening last night too.

Amanda x