Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 21 September 2007

Day 253 - Friday is manic preparations day!!

I'm off work today getting ready for the party. Poor D is up to his eyes in assembling the marquee which should have saved him time!! Just one of those things. If my friend had explained all this to me we'd have popped off to Macro and bought one of those plastic gazebo thingys and had it up in an hour!!

Still - thanks for your lovely comments re the party - I know we're going to have a good time and, once the arrangements are done, it shouldn't be too much work for me as the catering is all being done for me as is the music and desserts are being pre-bought. Lazy really but that's the best way!!

I'll do my best with photos and am looking forward to it.

One thing I've been meaning to do for a bit is some advertising re the holiday let. A few people have asked about it. We're intending to let it out on a 6 month tenancy in a while (when we find a tenant) and currently have some people staying 'til the en of Sept but it would be available for anyone looking for a cheap week or long weekend in the Peak District from the beginning of October for a few weeks at least. Just thought I'd mention it. I haven't thought much about rates but would be offering a good discount from the usual rates for fellow bloggers and details (including pictures etc) are available on request. It's a 2 bedroom little cottage in the village of Bradwell which is a couple of miles from me in prime walking and tourist country and has all amenities (shops, pubs etc). 1 double bed and 1 with (large size) bunk beds.

So, there you go.

Come and get in while it's hot!!


Such A Pretty Face... said...

Hi there,

Hope the party is a success.

As for the holiday let - me me me me me please. However funds in the prettyface household are a bit of an issue, although it does sounds perfect for a getaway.

Love the pictures yet again , have a lovely weekend and a great party.


In search of me said...

Just caught up! Cuccled at the comment about being addicted to really!! Hope the party is a fab as it sounds it will be and look forward to photos! Just posted on mine & it wiped it off! DOH! I can def recc WW for keeping on track with food - even if you just do the online one as you can have treats & it's not faddy like others! It is faffy counting points but if you have a points calculator its a doddle! Just a thought! Big hug for today! Would love to come to cottage but have NO money (actually minus no money!)& will look at Nov date but on both counts money is tight plus its my sisters 40th on 27th Oct so unlikely for me as I am away for that....

Peridot said...

Hi Lesley

Actually one of my best friends is looking to rent a cottage in your area for a week in the penultimate week of October for her and her boyfriend. You've got my private email so perhaps get in touch if it's still available?

Good luck with the party.

Peridot x

Conn76 said...

Hope the party was great fun!