Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Day 250 - Another quick morning post - aaargh!

I'm still really pushed for time and didn't get in 'til late lasy night from the abject, woeful, dire display of football on offer at Hillsborough. (Sheffield Wednesday lost (again!) to Burnley - we've now lost 6 out of 6 at the start of the season and are the only team in the League (all 96 clubs) to have 'nul pointes' so far this year!!!)

Anyway, I'm not here to bemoan my football team's performance (much) but to report on how I'm getting on in controlling my 'urges' - phnarr phnarr...

I totted up all the calories from my food diary on Monday and realised to my horror that I was up at about 2,600!! The banana muffin, 2 large skinny capps, peperami wideboy and slice of white bread and butter which I added to my otherwise healthy day's intake were clearly not invisible in calorie terms!!! Seeing it in those terms helped, I must admit. I've been sort of sliding those sort of items under the carpet and thinking, well I COULD have had 2 slices of bread; or a cream cake or something worse but forgetting that these items are NOT everyday things to consume.

SO. Tuesday was much better. I haven't totted up the calories yet but reckon it'll be well under 1,500. I had my 2 packs, some fruit, some yoghurt, milk in my tea and a big leafy chicken salad (at Pizza Hut no less). Even though I was driving around and stopped at a service station I didn't use that as an excuse and buy something which I have been doing recently. When I was hungry in Meadowhell (large shopping mall in Sheffield) I nipped in to a cafe and bought one of those green waxy apple that looks as though its been there for ever and is for decoration not eating - actually it was delicious. My head was saying - go on, a quick coffee and "healthy" oatmeal biscuit - but that would have been an extra 4/500 calories which I didn't need.

So - much much better today and I've got a strategy - the old fashioned calorie counting (within the LL aegis of course). I feel that this could be the way forward for me. It's a bit like Antonia doing her WW.

In case anyone is wondering, my car was not fixed on Monday night so I couldn't get to my class. In a way, I'm pleased because the last few days of being accountable to me and me only have been a good thing - a revelation really. I feel like I'm finally "walking round the hole" because I want to, not just because of the tyranny of my next weigh in!!

Watch this space.

I have been reading everyone else blogs so I know what you're all up to, just haven't been able to post a comment. Hope all's well.

Re the potential London meet - from the various replies it looks as though 3 November might be a date. What do people think??? To be honest, that's the best day for me so I was going to come down on that weekend to stay with a pal anyway and hope I could meet up with as many as can be around....


Sandra said...

Hi - On Minis - Karrion just said that she calorie counted after finishing CD as a way of working out what her limits were and what a normal healthy day looked like. So that approach does work.

Re: 3 November - it may or may not work for me depending on a number of variables so I suggest you make the plans and I will try to make it. It's the LRC conference that day and I haven't registered yet but would like to go but probably wouldn't want to be there all day... As I don't know the agenda I can't say when.


Peridot said...

I'm up for 3 November. Maybe mid afternoon? I'll be on packs so will only be up for something as devilish as a fizzy water.

Well done for getting to grips with the demon food issues.

Peridot x

Such A Pretty Face... said...

Hi there,

Keeping a food journal helped me on WW-especially reading back what I used to eat and how my food habits changed whilst on WW. Was never really aware of how much I was consuming until I read it in print and realised that I was far from making healthy choices.

Hope your having a good day.


Mrs said...

Dear Lesley

Well done; this is an excellent post for all sorts of reasons.

Like you, time poor!

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx