Thursday, 13 September 2007

Days 244 and 245 - Wednesday and Thursday

I took my day off on Wednesday as well as Tuesday even though we hadn't gone away. The weather was just too nice to pass up on after this dreadful summer. Diarmuid had a godawful hangover (fully deserved as I'd tried valiently to drag him away from the Guinness at least 4 pints before we eventually left and he would have felt a whole lot better without those 4 pints!!) so we were even quieter on Wednesday than on Tuesday!

The plasterer came round and had a good laugh at the state D was in which I enjoyed! Then it was just another day in the garden - D working away at the garden shed (moving the door from one side to the other so we can use it properly - God knows what the people who put the shed facing that way were thinking!!). Me - sitting at the new table peeling, coring, chopping and mincing apples and shallots for a big batch of apple chutney and a load of apple sauce. I'm determined to get full value from our apple tree this year. It has masses of fruit on it this year and I'm trying my best not to waste too much.

The chutney and sauce both look good and my cupboard now resembles a WI larder with a shelf full of neatly labelled jams, jellies and preserves! Anyone would think I was 57 rather than 37!Still, it's been most satisfying and something I intend to do every year - if we move to France it could be even more fun.

At one point, while we were both working away with the radio on and the dog padding between the 2 of us, D said - "Think Les, it could be like this all the time in France"! And I swear I had just been thinking the exact same thing. I really hope this comes off because I know we'd love it!

Anyway, all good things come to an end and Wednesday night had a touch of the Sunday night back to work feeling to it. I didn't go to the pub and was, for some reason, absolutely knackered (think I've been fighting off D's cold) so stayed in and unfortunately succumbered to foodie temptation. It's a bugger when you feel like you're doing really well and then get sandbagged by a bad night. Toast (again!), cornflakes, yoghurt with fruit and a few other bits and bobs! Bit of a nightmare really.

Still, I'm reducing the number and frequency of the binges and isolating the causes of them.

Today (Thursday) was back to work. I worked hard all morning and then was taken out for lunch by an old colleague who I haven't seen for years. It was nice to catch up and luckily the pub he took me to had a Week 2 friendly option on the menu - tuna steak on a bed of stirfried veggies (all on the list amazingly) and a salsa in balsamic dressing. It was absolutely delicious and guilt free. Then off to french, home for nearly 8 and out for a pounding run in the dark. I knew I wouldn't be going out tonight and wanted to make sure that I wasn't sitting on the sofa thinking about food, especially as I have already had my meal today. It seems to have worked as I still have 2 packs to eat today (if I want) and am not overly bothered. So - that's the strategy - plan how to avoid being on the sofa and tired as that is the danger time!

Sorry for waffling - the trouble with trying to fit 2 days into one post. If I'm not commenting on your posts as much as before, sorry, I'm still reading blogs but can't comment at work due to changes in our Web policy - grrr... I suppose it's only fair though...I should be working!!

Hope you're all well and thriving and happy shrinking!!


Sandra said...

As long as you're mindful of the times when you have something you shouldn't, you're making progress.

I'm very jealous of the jam and chutney collection. I'd love to be able to do that kind of stuff.

Mrs said...

Happy belated birthday to D!

You are looking super skinny in your photos.

My LLC says look for the learnings (from the lapses/deviations) and move on. And you sound like you are doing that.

Thinking of you!!! Even if, like you, not posting/commenting as much.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxx

ThickChick said...

Haha, I only read blogs at work... thank goodness they don't monitor that stuff here!

You sound as though you're taking a very logical approach to this food stuff and I admire it greatly. Keep up the good work!

Amanda said...

Your giving me lots of ideas for Christmas pressies next year. This year I have it all worked out & will make my blackberry & apple jelly next week; blueberry & lime jam the week after & then possibly a chutney. Nearer Christmas I'll be making snowflake shortbread biscuits & chocolate truffles. I'll make a note though of apple sauce.

Sounds like you had a lovely day in the garden & well done on getting out there running/doing things before the munchies strike.

Keep up the good work, your looking fabulous.

Amanda x

Peridot said...

I'm sooo jealous of you and Amanda (my god how nice does apple chutney and blueberry and lime jam sound? mmmmm) - I stewed a load of apples from b/f's mother's tree at the weekend with lots of spice and the freezer now has home grown apples for crumbles over the winter (if not for me in all probability!) and it was so satisfying. I said to b/f how much I'd love to be a country lady, using local produce and making the most of it. As it is I live in very urban London. Sigh.

Peridot x