Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 7 September 2007

Day 239 - Back to my first Management Class

Thought I'd recap back to my first Route to Management class seeing as I didn't say anything about it on the night due to my spat with D. The pictures are of my drive over to the class - not bad eh? It's been truly beautiful at times over the last few months - in the winter when it was snowy and I saw white hares, foxes and barn owls in the car headlights then spring with the blossom and daffodils and then summer and the gorgeous heather. It is a fun drive.
As you can see, I lost a single lb between my last Wednesday class and Monday night. I'm not displeased with that as I had been loosening the reins a bit over those few days of limbo.
The class was great - one woman from my Foundation class was there who was, coincidentally, also there when I went to my Introduction session way back in December. She gave me a big hug and we admired each other - she looked fantastic - so young and vibrant. I was blown away and I could see that she was too. Between us we've lost over 15 stone!!! There was another woman there who I really took to too - about my age and a mother and a doctor! She was tiny (short as well as slim) and just looked like one of those women my former self would have envied as effortlessly slim - all brown from her hols and wearing really nice clothes - she's lost over 4 stone which on someone as small as her was a serious achievement and the result was stunning. Just looking round the room at all these slim happy looking women was very inspiring.
Where Development is a bit overwhelming and a bit of a drudge, I think Management is much more positive. And you can talk about food!
Anyway - I haven't been perfect this week but I've never forgotten what I'm doing and I've not binged or been out of control. I've managed to keep up the exercise quota (went on a fast run this evening) and hopefully will manage to maintain by Monday night - fingers crossed for me!
I think I'm letting a few too many little extras pass my lips though - things which I would not even have thought about in development (like holiday sweets at work!) have suddenly become open season - so temptation is back with avengeance. I'll have to make a new target about those things because there's no point in whittling away at my sucess for the sake of a few sweets and nibbles here and there!!
Re the photos - a bit of a disappointment really. We went for our preview this evening and I promised Diarmuid that, unless I was blown away by the piccies, I would not allow myself to be talked into spending ridiculous sums on anything. Well - they were lovely and there were some I really liked but, overall, nothing blew me away. Some of them could have looked very effective but only if we had bought the most expensive product - like the massive canvases or a collection of 9 shots all together but these products were well over £1000 (up to £2k in some cases!) and I just couldn't in all honesty justify spending that sort of money. The shots just weren't QUITE good enough. I would have loved some of them but would only have paid up to £500 for them and that was not enough to get what I wanted so we ended up walking out with nothing but the 7 by 5 gift picture and leaving all the lovely shots of Shelagh and the 2 of us behind...!!
I was disappointed but it was my choice and I did feel that the level of the prices had been kept from us - they're not on the website and not given to you in your introductory brochure so I do feel that they kind of sandbag you with them. Next time I will do more research.
D understood how disappointed I was and was sympathetic - he also said he could see what I was after now and that he should have been a little less stiff (which did show in the pictures to be honest). So he said - do some research to see if we can find something more suitable and better value for that sort of money and he'll co-operate fully. So that's good.
He's being really nice this weather too so I had better get in the shower and go and join him in the pub!! We have an ocean of gardening and getting ready for the party chores to do tomorrow! Not to mention dealing with all the damn apples - making apple chutney tomorrow!


Mrs said...

Hi Lesley

You've summed up what I have been prattling on about for weeks in two words - open season (on food).

That's exactly how I have felt when eating.

Sorry you have no photos but now you and D BOTH know what you want, you'll find it - for much less. Here's a tip - see if you can get a local press photographer (news) to do you some shots. He/she will have been professionally trained and have a good eye...just a suggestion.

Have a lovely weekend; SO glad Management is more positive.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxx

In search of me said...

Just caught up & sorry that you & D have been rowing but suspect it may have been brewing for a while so at least now it's dealt with on both sides. I think it comes down to the addiction of food - you want him to trust you & he is scared to ecause of what has gone before? Hope you feel more in tune with each other soon :)
Re the photos I ca totally relate to that one! I had venture ones & was really disappointed wih the outcome - felt very false & photos not that good, hated the hard sell (puts my back up in seconds!)& cost was ridiculous! I would go elsewhere & try again! Much better, cheaper & more relaxed for you both! Hope reitroducing food goes's harder than eating in my experience! So much simpler with packs!!