Thursday, 6 September 2007

Day 237 - Photos!

It was a busy day at work so I couldn't get out running at lunchtime as planned. Shame but there you go. Life happens. I will just to make sure I get a good run in on Friday AND over the weekend to keep up my 3 a week quota which is one of the few targets I've ever managed to stick to long term.

I ended up rushing like mad to get to the photo session but we made it - showered, hair and make up done, dog brushed (very unwillingly), husband browbeaten into submission!! It was fun - the dog was an absolute star and behaved herself perfectly. She even performed her tricks on cue and helped us relax together. I loved it and would have liked to have been more active and mobile but Diarmuid was pretty stiff and couldn't relax to that degree. He co-operated but it's really not his cup of tea so I think, on balance, that it was as good as it was going to get.

The photographer was nice and said we had plenty of good shots. So we'll see. Once you finish the session though is where the rub comes in! I realise now that the website and pre-publicity are very carefully structured to avoid showing a price list. Once they give you the price list you realise why!! There's nothing for less than £250 and most of the good stuff is around £1000 plus!! I know they're pretty cool products but my God - they had better be good!! God know what D is going to say!!

Still, having said that, if the photos are lovely and spot on (and only if) they are meant to record this amazing thing I've done and that's important. It's not every year you lose nearly 9 stone and emerge looking like a totally different person so, as long as the piccies are really good, I'm going to go for something special to reward and remind me of how good I feel about myself right now! I think D'll go for that!!

One of the poses she had us in was D carrying me in his arms with the dog on her back legs trying to hold onto my toes! I hope that one comes out well. So - if anyone's thinking of doing one of these sessions because they've got a voucher, think hard about what you can afford before you spend the time doing the session. You can always just walk away with the complimentary 7 by 5 print but you'll have to go through the hard sell first!


Sandra said...

Yes - I'd heard that before. It makes me wonder if it might be better just approaching a local photographer and seeing what they can offer.

Actually I know a professional photographer - it's just that I don't know how comfortable I'd feel getting her to do it. In some ways it might be better to be a bit detached and not know the person taking the shots...


Anonymous said...


I'm really not good on a computer, but I had to write you a message, so I hope it comes out ok.

I read your blog daily and you really do give me encouragement to carry on with this diet even though sometimes I really struggle (I did LL and now doing cambridge). You sound like a truly amazing and strong women who has done so well, you should be soooo proud of yourself for achieving so much, as a fellow food addict I know how hard it must have been for you.
Anyway re reading this it is very soppy which isn't really, but hey you deserve it you truly inspire me. Please keep writing your blog, sorry I don't comment much, but I do enjoy reading it.

Kind Regards

P.s I hope your photos come out well x

Ameythist said...

I did the venture thing last November for my mums 70. It was a free £25 voucher we had........yea right!! The photos were stunning and they made a viewing evening out of it, coffee and biccies and all our piccies framed in different frames, textures, colours etc, the price was out of this world. we had 9 of the smallest we could buy cost £600 then I was very naughty and scanned them all my self so we each all had copies. On reflection I wish we had just gone to a normal photographer and spent our money more wisely - like Venture says you are paying for the experience and at least we all had fun........Well done on your continuing success, you do as usual still inspire I am still doing it a bit, lost 6 stone and currently RTM I am so glad I found your blog xxxxxxxx

Peridot said...

They do seem to be amazing pictures that Venture do and I think that is what you pay for - that level of creativity and spontaneity rather than traditional stiff posed shots. Couldn't run to it myself but I can see the attraction. Hope to see the results scanned in soon though!
Peridot x