Sunday, 20 March 2016

Living and learning

We went out last night in the end.  Neither of us really felt like it but the landlord and landlady at the pub are quite new and are making a big effort to make a go of it so we wanted to support them as they had put a band on.  Also it is too easy to sit in front of the box night after night and we're not dead yet!

So, Rich woke himself up and we changed and primped and dragged ourselves down there. And ending up having a really good night.  Yay!

I did have a few alcoholic drinks as I'd decided I would if I thought it would help me have a good night.  If I hadn't had a few I would have been cold, a tad resentful and wouldn't have got into the evening as much. So, a gin and 3 rums with diet mixers was a small (and acceptable, to me) price to pay for having fun with my boy and a few pals from the village.  The band was excellent and we caught up with a few of the locals and had a bit of a dance so all good.

Today has been a good day too.  It was a lovely, sunny morning so we decided to go for a walk on Bradwell Edge.  Trouble, is we dilly-dallied around (well, to be strictly accurate, Rich dilly-dallied around) until lunchtime by which time the clear blue sky had started to cloud over.  After 20 minutes or so it was almost totally overcast - gah!

Still, it was a challenging and beautiful walk.  I had forgotten how to cope with vigorous exercise on LL.  You should always have your pack BEFORE the exercise!  I took my bar with us to have half way round.  Rookie error.  I was quite lightheaded walking up the steep hill at the beginning and, even after the hill became more manageable, I had the odd dizzy moment.  We slowed to a pace I could keep to and it was alright.  Going downhill should have been better but by then my foot had started to hurt and the steep downhill left my big toe on fire!  I was limping through the village by the end.

I took quite a few photos and was hoping to post them tonight but sadly my photo editing software seems to have given up the ghost.  I'll have to reload and hope that sorts it.  Photos to follow.

I hope you had a good weekend all.  Spring is sprung!!

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Peridot said...

Poor tum and poor toe. May SoD reward you.