Monday, 21 March 2016

Sunday's walk piccies, at a cost

My usual Corel Paint Shop software has malfunctioned.  It just would not work in any way I tried.  I thought, okay I'll re-install, that'll do it.  Nope, no go.  Okay so I'll uninstall and then re-install. Excellent idea - I had not first checked that I have my Corel Paint serial number.  I cannot now re-install so must now acquire some new photoshop software.  At great expense no doubt.  Grrrr  Ach well, I had had it for years so I'll probably have a better product when I do eventually get round to replacing the one I chucked away.  Sigh....

I had a go with the generic Windows paint programme but frankly it is rubbish.  Not happy with the results.

This was our walk from Sunday.  We stayed local, just nipped round the corner and then up Bradda Edge.  It started out sunny but became a bit overcast pretty quickly.  A good walk though.

Halfway up the hill, still feeling fine.....

The mighty Win Hill - love it.

The industrial village of Bradwell - quarries, factories, shops and houses - all nestled in the heart of the Peak District.

Minty sulking because we weren't heading on to Abney....go on Muuum....

Today has been no drama, LL plan all the way.  I'm pretty hungry but no biggie.  Which is a good thing as it is my second weigh in tomorrow and I'm hopeful of a good solid drop.  I'm fairly confident that I'll manage at least 5lbs so fingers crossed that I'm not disappointed and for a good drop taking me past that crucial first stone.

I'm also looking forward to our Easter break in Dublin and EATING for a few days!!  I'm going to work on NOT going crazy but nor am I going to diet excessively.  Fun food and drink and a good time for all.  Yay!!

Before then, work is mental and no food or drink - Boo!!

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Stephbospoon said...

Ohhh enjoy, and have some soda bread and a Guinness & black for me, maybe followed by a Jameson's! :-)