Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Retrograde or positive??

I don't really know but, for good or ill, I'm presently sipping my first Lighter Life chocolate milkshake for breakfast since 2007! I received a text from the successor to my old counsellor mentioning the magic words "8 week bootcamp". It resonated with me. I mulled and discussed with Rich and 2 weeks later here I am.

I have struggled to get going with anything this year and could see me slapping everything I lost back on if I didn't change something so that is what I'm doing - making a change, giving myself a kickstart.

I feel very positive this morning although full of trepidation. So, watch this space.


Seren said...

It's not retrograde at all - if it's what you need to do right now then that's absolutely fine. I think this weight loss lark, for those of us who are basically in it for life, is sometimes very much about reacting to what you need to do NOW, and that's what you're doing. Good for you. I hope your 8 week boot camp goes very well - be sure to keep us all posted!!


Blods said...

Yay!You're back! Hope you are completely well now and good luck for the next 8 weeks Blods x

Peridot said...