Thursday, 17 March 2016

Getting moving

I had one of those days today when you sprint through tasks.  It was most satisfying.  I was working from home because I had a physio appointment for my toe.  The last GP I spoke to has finally got things moving - podiatrist, physio and a referral to the Hathersage swimming for free aquafit classes to help me drop some weight.

The physio was very positive and has given me a stiff set of stretches and rotations to go through twice a day and assures me that we will make progress with them.  He is adamant that I also need to wear the insoles which the podiatrist will give me (eventually) to correct my right foot's tendency to fall inwards which is what caused the inflammation and calcification in the first place.  Slow but steady progress hopefully.

Annoyingly though he told me that, had I been referred to a podiatrist and physio when I first went to the doctor with my sore toe, I would probably not have needed an operation at all and would certainly not have suffered the 3 years of increasingly debilitating pain.  Gah!!  I was originally told that it was gout despite the fact that my blood test revealed lower than normal levels of uric acid.  Once the blood test came back low, why did the doctor not refer me for a podiatry assessment then??  Easier to do nothing until the problem escalates and I need an op?  Easier to blame any discomfort on my weight and say I should diet and exercise?

Well, doctor, you got it wrong and it would have been cheaper and easier to sort the problem out earlier.  And, if you want me to stay slim and fit, why didn't you help me avoid the pain which will prevent me exercising?

I'm not sure what or whether to do about it.  I just think something needs to be said.  So, I think I'm going to write a letter to the practice and see what they say.  That has the benefit of being able to thank the latest doctor who has been proactive and helpful as well.

Once that niggle was out of the way, I sorted out my season ticket for the swimming pool so will be in the pool, rain or shine, bright and early on Saturday morning.  I can't wait. I powered through work and was still on time to pick Rich up from work and take him to collect his car from the garage.  I also managed to wash my car in the sunshine and do some shopping and home chores.  Go me!

I know it's a tad dull to review but it really is amazing how much more energy I have since I started starving myself!  I'm very hungry at the moment though.  TOTM always makes me hungry and even more so when I can't satisfy the cravings. I CAN do this.

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Peridot said...

It's so lazy just to blame your weight - that GP definitely needs a rocket, glad you're not dropping it.