Tuesday, 15 March 2016

First weigh in (well, this time around)

I'm very excited this evening.  I stepped onto the scales at my official weigh in and saw an 11 lb drop!!  It has been a good week albeit a hungry one and I've dropped 11 lbs.

I'm so pleased I took the plunge as I feel as though I'm getting my life back.  Which is weird as I didn't think I had lost my life.  But, looking back, I was definitely drifting into a cave for a few months there.  I've done it before and that was where I was heading.  I don't mean that I was depressed or anything just my energy was low; I stopped wearing make up much; wasn't seeing friends as much; and wasn't doing much exercise.  It could just have been winter and being poorly of course but, as the arrival of spring has coincided with my starting this diet, I'll never know!!

Now I feel as though I have a plan and am more in charge of my destination than I have been for a long time.

Last time I did LL I was very passive about the diet.  I followed the rules slavishly and thought that if I deviated or went off plan that would be the end of that; I would fail and there would be no second chances.  This time I'm not so rigid.  I'm not cheating but nor am following the rules 100%.  I'm having diet coke and the odd splash of milk in my tea or coffee.  I've even had a few mouthfuls of cold meat when ravenous and I finished off a few pieces of fruit too rather than watching them shrivel.  I'm going to go off plan for Easter as well.  This time around the diet is MY tool not my saviour/dictator.

I'm also thinking about what I'm going to do after my boot camp 8 weeks are up.  I might carry on with abstinence for a few more weeks (probably not) but, if I do not, I will have a plan in place.  My current thinking about the weeks and months after boot camp is to follow the 5:2 diet using LL packs for the 2 days of deprivation and do a lot more exercise.  If that doesn't work then I can always make it 4:3.

Golf tomorrow for the first time in ages.  Going to be painful.


Seren said...

Fantastic result. Well done.


Pam said...

Gosh! I'm SO impressed! Well done you!

shane said...

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