Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Tired but looking forward to the hols

You would not think that you would have to work so hard to prepare for 2 paltry days off work.  Surely things will hold on for a couple of days??!  But apparently not so I have had a torrid few days covering for colleagues on holiday and getting things out so that I don't get slagged off while I'm gone.  Not pleasant but quite satisfying when I completed my self-appointed list of "must do's" this evening, snapped the laptop shut and locked it away for 6 whole days!  They have had their pound of flesh until next Wednesday now.

And speaking of pounds of flesh, will I manage to drop another this week?  Not if my pesky chimp has her way.  She has been mithering me that "It's holiday time now - we can EAT!!!" since I left the office this evening.  The petrol station was a nightmare.  Making a pack up for supper when I got in was tricky too, "I want wine"!  I've still got another 24 hours of this ahead as I'm not going off the packs until we hit Ireland.

I wonder what it'll be like when I can eat?  Hopefully she'll settle down happily to knaw on a bone or something and leave me alone.

It doesn't look as though we're going to have great weather this weekend but I'm hopeful of at least one decent walk in the Wicklow Mountains and one round of golf as well as the usual tourist trail.  It's may tricky dodging the no-doubt somewhat (and understandably) nationalistic celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising but we'll give it a go and try not to get in any rows!  I've had lots of practice over the years but it'll all be new to Richard.  I'm not sure whether I'll be able to post while we're over there but, if not, have a great Easter break - not too chocolatey - and see you all later!


Pam said...

Hope you have/had a lovely time!

Peridot said...

Hope you had a fabulous time.