Wednesday, 16 March 2016


I played my first 18 holes of golf since last November today.  I was kind of dreading it but I'm pleased I braved the hills as it was a lovely round.  Gorgeous weather, some good golf (and a lot of dross) and I managed to get round without too much foot pain.  I will draw a veil over my score but it was not impressive.

It was a bit tricky walking for hours on very little food but I had breakfast just before we went out and ate a bar in 2 parts while we were out playing and that kept me going alright.  In fact I wasn't hungry when I got back so managed to walk the dogs, have a hot bath and still make it all the way until 6.45 without eating.  I decided to have 2 packs together for supper as a "treat" (of sorts).  I'm glad I did as Rich made himself a very tasty looking chilli while I was in the bath so I didn't feel as deprived as I would otherwise have done.

I think I would have struggled a lot more round the course if I hadn't dropped the 11lbs and it will only get easier as I lose the lard.  Onwards and downwards.

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