Monday, 14 March 2016

Quick win/low hanging fruit

For the record I hate buzz phrases like those but they do occasionally express a sentiment accurately.

Several people have asked me over the last few days how I can bear to say no to all proper food and drink and "isn't it really hard?". Well, it is hard but, when you see exciting results happen so quickly, it helps stiffen your resolve and replaces the deprivation with achievement.

Since Wednesday morning when I started on the packs I have dropped 10lbs on my home scales. Proper weigh-in is not until tomorrow but even now I know I have made a difference.

The 2 solitary pairs of jeans I had left now fit a great deal more comfortably. 1 pair I had abandoned half a stone ago can be worn again without muffin top or the risk of burst seams. My energy levels are through the roof so I am getting on with all sorts of jobs.

It's easy to forget that, while eating and drinking nice things is great, not everything you eat is fantastic and not every pleasure in life comes from food or drink.

I'm off for a sunny walk with the dogs, a pal and her new baby now and that is way better than a sandwich or a bowl of pasta!!

And here, a couple of hours later, are some pics to prove it. Vic worked harder than me as she carried her little (but solid) one all the way round!


Peridot said...

Wow! 10lbs is a pretty hefty reward for your dedication, well done you!


Seren said...

Oh what an amazing result - well done. I can definitely see the appeal of the VCLD and yes, you're entirely right that there are plenty of pleasures in life other than ones we shove in our mouths.

Oooooh, just read the back and it sounds a bit seaside postcard-ish. Hope blog spot doesn't assume I'm being profane and filter it out!

Be sure and let us know what the "official" scales say!