Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Home (bringing a few extra lbs back, tut tut)

We had a great time in Dublin and did loads.  Trouble is we also ate and drank loads too....sigh.....

I had every intention of trying to diet at least a bit through the holiday and, although I didn't go mad (no chocolate whatsoever or eating between meals), I did eat plenty and drink a fair few pints and glasses of wine.  On the plus side, we didn't go out for any extravagant evening meals and cooked at home in the evenings instead so those meals were not bad at all.  We only had a couple of cake incidents and they were after long walks.

I did not, however, have any packs instead of meals or do much swapping of spirits and diet mixers for beer or wine.  Ach - dieting, schmieting.  Also, although I dieted right up to setting off, I did eat on the ferry which I said I wouldn't do.  I just wanted to get on with my holiday!

However, despite being sorely tempted to "just have a normal supper tonight and start back on the packs tomorrow", I am NOT doing that and will shortly be tucking into my first pack for 5 days. Oooooh, I can't wait......

I'm going to go and get weighed tomorrow evening and it is unlikely to be pretty but hopefully I can take what I've gained off by next Tuesday evening so no damage will have been done.

So, do you want some Irish piccies??

We went for a walk in the Wicklow Mountains with my aunt, who has been a keen rambler for decades, on Good Friday.  As you can see it was a stunning day.  In all those years of visiting Ireland with D, we hardly ever went for a proper walk in the hills.  There was always an excuse.  It was great to spend lots of quality time with my aunt and go for a really good ramble with her.  I think she appreciated it and the 4 of us had a lovely time too.

This is the forestry leading up to Djouce Hill.

A great view of Powerscourt Waterfall across the valley.

Barbara and Rich - she's in good nick for 82 eh??

A very characteristic scene in the lovely Irish countryside.  Rolling GREEN hills with gorse, Scots Pine and rocks everywhere.  I have missed its beauty.

The Sugarloaf Mountain just south of Dublin.

The view back towards Dublin Bay.

Me and my lovely auntie.  It was such a nice visit.  She can talk for England (or Ireland I suppose as she has lived there for decades) and we talked a lot about her family (she's my dad's younger sister) and my mother too.  Barbara was friends with my mum in her own right from school and they shared a house in London while they were at teacher training college (my mum) and university (Barbara) respectively.  I knew lots of the stories but heard some new ones too.

I think Barbs was a bit nervous about having the dogs to stay but she loved them and even looked after them for us for a couple of days while we were doing touristy things and golfing, taking them for walks and introducing them to the neighbours.  They seemed sad to leave this morning so I'm suspecting some treats were given.....

My lovely boy who was so patient with me and Barbs chattering away and was happy to stay in chatting each evening even though there was no telly so no England game or golf!!

Minty defending her stick....

Being back in Ireland was bittersweet.  It brought back many memories: some good, some bad.  I'm fond of the country and the people in the main but it also reminded me of some horrid times.  However, the main thing I take away from our visit it how much happier I am now.  How I'm allowed to be me and don't have to bargain or apologise for wanting to do something which might not be exactly what my partner wants to do.  

There is no way Diarmuid would have stayed in with my aged aunt for even one night, let alone 4; we would have HAD to go to a pub or for a meal every evening.  There is no way Diarmuid would have been happy visiting my aunt's closest friends (also well into their 80's) who have done so much for and with her over the years.  But I wanted to meet them again and I know she was pleased and proud to take us over there for coffee and a chat (and some gorgeous homemade shortbread....whoops didn't mention that in my confession above).

I wouldn't have gone for the lovely walk above.  I wouldn't have played golf and, when it rained and the buses stopped running and the Luas went on strike forcing our plans to change, I would have had to sort it all out while apologising non stop or risked a meltdown.  There is none of that rubbish anymore thank God!!


Seren said...

Sounds like a fab trip and a healthy attitude to
balancing life and dieting. Any gain will be off in no time.

Oh, and gorgeous pics. I would love to get to know Ireland better, despite having extensive family there I've not been much.


Pam said...

Oh, that's lovely. I remember things you used to say - very tolerantly I thought - about D and I was worried for you - he never seemed right for you. Hurray for change! And yes, your aunt looks in splendid nick for 82.

Peridot said...

OF COURSE we wanted pics!

Sounds like a great Easter break - and staying away from chocolate over Easter is nothing less than heroic in my book. Mystifying but heroic! Bet you lose any excess baggage quickly.

And btw, I am obsessed with the scent of Gorse.