Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Week 2 weigh in

Thank you Peridot - the scales of doom were NOT doom-laden.  In fact they were positively charming.  I have dropped another 6lbs this week taking me to a total drop in a fortnight of 17lbs!  I am so pleased I took the plunge and gave it a go.

My next challenge is this coming weekend in Dublin.  I had previously been determined to go off the diet completely for the 4 days but may be having a re-think.  Partly because the LL saleswoman "counsellor" said she "wasn't allowed" to sell me only 3 days' worth of packs and partly because I'm doing so well that I don't want to undo my hard work.

I'm definitely going to eat real food and do some drinking but I'm also keener on the idea of dieting for at least part of the long weekend.  If we're just having a bog standard breakfast why not have pack instead?  Make sensible choices when we're out and about. Substitute spirits and mixers for pints of beer (not all of them because I am going to have some Guinness).  Only 2 courses, avoid desserts and empty calories.  2 full days of packs before we go and 1 when we come back (and that includes travelling).

I don't expect to drop much or anything really but I really don't want to have a gain and go backwards.  To be honest any food and drink will be such a treat that I'm hoping dieting eating will still feel like a good holiday.

We did an interesting exercise in class today.  You had to write instructions to someone who is looking after your body - rather like instructions for the dog-sitter!  Of course you say that she shouldn't have too many treats, have lots of walks, lots of sleep etc.  You think - bloody hell, I look after my dogs so well and look at them - they are slim, fit, healthy!  Why not follow your own rules??

So this week's target is to treat my body how I think it should be treated by the finest body-sitter money can buy!!

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