Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Sore from golf...

I'm taking an extra day off work to ease back into it after our lovely break.  I have made a mess of things though.  I should have remembered my laptop then I could have worked from home tomorrow as well.  Now, I'll have to go to Rotherham tomorrow and work from home on Friday instead.

Also, Rich told me ages ago that the first Golf Society away trip of the season was this afternoon.  I meant to go with him but totally forgot and signed up to play in the medal at my club.  Gah!  So, instead of a nice lie-in and an afternoon stableford round of golf at a course I've never been to with Rich and the lads, I dragged myself up at crack of dawn to play in a medal.  To start with it seemed to be working out; I played the first 9 holes like a Goddess.  It all fell off a cliff after that and I played the second nine like an idiot who had never previously touched a golf club!  But hey, 9 holes is better than none and even temporary Goddess status is not to be sniffed at!

I'm back on the packs now and it is not too bad.  I know tonight's weigh in will bring a gain but hopefully only a few lbs and my resolve to continue for at least another 6 weeks is undiminished so that break did not derail me.

The hardest thing has been reading this month's Delicious magazine!  Rookie error.  The recipes look so tasty and interesting this month where recently (pre-diet) I've been too lazy to try anything different. Typical, my energy and enthusiasm returns once I can't give effect to it!

Anyway, here are a few more pics from Ireland:

The Millenium Needle, GPO and statue of Jim Larkin on a gloomy O'Connell Street.

The Halfpenny Bridge over the Liffey.

The Famine Memorial figures.  Heartrendingly sad.

Oliver St John Gogarty pub in Temple Bar - a total tourist trap.

 We drank elsewhere!

I liked this building and was impressed to see that it houses a firm of solicitors.

Rich being annoying on the Halfpenny Bridge!

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