Saturday, 19 March 2016

Ups and downs

I've been meaning to upload my York piccies for ages and I've finally got round to sorting, re-sizing and cropping etc them so here they are:
Me hamming it up in front of the Bile Beans sign which was right opposite our hotel.  I'm pleased to note that that coat is much better fitting now that I'm a whole stone lighter!!

I love the old place names and this one is a cracker.

It reminded me a bit of Bruges which was our last trip.

A walk around 3/4 of the city walls on the Sunday in the sunshine with multiple view of the Minster.  I would definitely stay in the hotel in the foreground.

It's a little sad to see only 3 of us when our usual gang numbers 4.  Steph, who was meant to be joining us, had to stay and look after her father who had fallen and been taken to hospital on Friday morning.  Kirsten was spitting that Steph's brothers had not stepped up and helped out when Steph goes to her father's nearly every weekend and rarely gets away.  We'll have to arrange another weekend soon.

All in all it was a lovely weekend with good friends and beautiful scenery.  I'll be back.

Now, back to the present day.  It has been a good day full of positives.  I did indeed go swimming this morning and was gratified to make it through 34 lengths (1km) in just over 20 minutes which is not bad after several months of no swimming and not much exercise.  I also walked the dogs and to and from the football so have been rather hungry.

The pub and the football match were great - a most pleasing 3-0 victory over Charlton.  But, I think the hunger took its toll somewhat as, when I got home, I felt hungry and grumpy and a bit unloved.  Rich is keen to go out tonight and part of me wants to go but another part kind of dreads the feeling of deprivation.   If we go I may have a couple of rum and diet cokes to get me going and enjoying it.  Last time around on LL I wouldn't have countenanced going off plan but this time, I'm not so precious about it and, if I feel I need a little flexibility, I'm going to take it in a planned way.

If a little flexibility gets me through the next few weeks and lets me deliver a decent drop then that's great.  I'm not looking for my Lighter Life merit badge or anything; it is a tool only.

I thought the same on Thursday night at darts and dominoes.  I was cold but was enjoying myself and then felt quite deprived when the food came out - really lush looking rare roast beef sandwiches, chips, black pudding and spicy chicken wings.  With hindsight I should have just had a bloody chicken wing.  It wouldn't have hurt my diet and I wouldn't have got so grumpy but I didn't and it took the shine off a decent evening.

Hey ho - live and learn.


Stephbospoon said...

I know that unloved feeling; I constantly feel like a party pooper with my husband but I just can't go to the pub every Friday night - I feel worse if I go and have a couple of diet cokes than if I don't.

Seren said...

Oh, so nostalgic. I love York. That Bile beans sign is just round the corner from our first ever flat together!

You sound very in control which is great - it is definitely more sensible to have the odd drink or chicken wing than to go completely off piste.


Peridot said...

Brothers eh? I'm not sure why in the 21stC these things should still fall to daughters but somehow they do.

Yes, love York - glad you had a good time.