Saturday, 12 March 2016


We've been out at the football all day today.  Long term readers will know that this usually means pints of beer, cooked breakfast, possibly a pie or burger and possibly a fast food supper following our return.  Not always ALL of the above but usually several elements and always the beer!

I volunteered to drive us to Nottingham in order to make sure that I stayed on the straight and narrow so it was diet coke and sparkling water all day for me.  Watching delicious pints all around me.  The boys had lunch at the pub too - the chips looked amazing as did the beef and stilton baguette, the Ploughmans and the spicy vegetable soup....sigh.....

I made myself a LL vegetable soup in the pub (I asked nicely for some hot water and a mug and it was provided without hassle) which was tasty but so small.  I managed to last until half time to eat my bar and then until we were home at 8.40 before making up my last pack of the day.  So, all in all, exemplary behaviour!

The match itself was awesome.  We played some beautiful football and were rewarded with a cracking 3-0 victory.  We're clinging onto 6th place in the Championship and today's 3 points have made that position slightly safer although by no means unassailable.  We are still on for making the play-offs this year even though I don't think we're really good enough to be promoted.  Who knows or cares, it's fun at this end of the table for the first time in many years.

So why then, when I did so well and resisted the real temptation all day with good humour, was I so terribly tempted to ruin all my hard work and eat toast or, well, anything as soon as we got home??  I ate my pack, made a decaff coffee with sweetener and chatted it through with Rich and eventually the sticky moment passed.

Waiting for Match of the Day, I watched 20 minutes or so of "My 600 lb life" about a ginormous American woman being surgically adapted to drop the lard.  Poor, brave lady but how do you get to 612 lbs??  I must say, watching her surgery and seeing close ups of her sheer bulk certainly helped me stop thinking about eating!

Then Rich fell asleep on the sofa next to me and, after 10 minutes snoring, dragged himself upstairs leaving me down here thinking again of food!  Which is where you lot come in.  I have blogged my way through temptation and am quite proud of myself for doing so.  Having said that, I should be able to make it through the first week for crying out loud!

So, the first hurdle has been crossed with no harm done.  There's still a long way to go but, if I can get through these 8 weeks and drop some proper weight, my summer looks a lot more positive, more walks, more golf, nicer clothes and less discomfort.

In other news I notice that the outdoor pool at Hathersage is having its pre-opening week where season ticket holders get to swim in the mornings before the official opening next weekend.  So, that means there is no excuse not to get going on the regular exercise.  My foot will not hurt in the water!! I'll be there on Monday.

Right now I'm going to bed to face the snorer.....he's not usually bad but I can hear him from here, over the telly!

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Seren said...

Well done you. And now you have one Saturday under your belt you know that you can do it so the next one will be all the easier. Keep it up.