Saturday, 30 January 2016

I am heartily sick of this cough

It has been over 5 weeks now. During that fun time the cough has ebbed and flowed but never left. I was just beginning to look forward to feeling well when the worst of it came crashing back on Wednesday, annoyingly on the day I had chosen to visit dad. He and my sister in law were treated to 48 hours of me hacking and choking in explosive, exhausting bouts and whining weakly in between the said bouts. Grim grim grim.

It has got me down to be fair. I'm usually quite chirpy even when poorly but this last few days I've felt quite low. I suspect the worst spell of this relapse has coincided with my teary time of the month as I am close to tears at the drop of a hat!!

Hopefully this really is the home staight for the cough and I'll be able to crack on with life, dieting and exercising VERY soon.

Hopes of impressive drops on the scales have not materialised. To be honest this is only in part as a result of the cough. The football away days have to bear their share of the blame. So, in 3 weeks I dropped 4 lbs then regained 3 of them. Not a stellar January but not the worst it could be. Onwards and downwards in February!

I managed today's away day to Shrewsbury much better than last weekend at my sister's (with Saturday away at Reading). Last weekend was a bit of a free for all on the food and drink front and resulted in the 3 back on scenario. Today, while I have drunk it has been in moderation and I have chosen well off the lush looking menu, resisting contraband and genuinely enjoying my salad. Maybe I have turned the corner?

I do need more structure to the diet though. This hoping for the best is not going to cut it. Thinking cap on.

So, well done all who are seeing results and buck up the rest of you!!


Seren said...

I had exactly the same just before Christmas and it is miserable. Hope you're on the mend soon.


Pam said...

Hmm, not good, feeling that ill. Still, February - a new month!

Love Cat said...

I've had a cold/cough/general ilness for over a month now. I am so fed up! Hope you're feeling a bit better in feb! x