Thursday, 31 January 2013

Steps taken (but in what direction??)

Well, the resetting continues but without any major effect on the scales. I will continue to have faith.

The first of today's re-tunes comprised managing NOT to buy crap at the petrol station. I was thwarted by a non-functioning Pay at The Pump pump so had to go into the shop. There I thought I'd grab something for my late breakfast as I didn't have anything with me. I grabbed 2 pepperamis and then, at the last minute, a chicken and bacon sandwich. Luckily the till roll needed changing and, in the time spent waiting, I perused the nutritional informaiton - 557 calories for a rubbishy petrol station sandwich! I put it back and limited my late morning breakfast to the pepperamis and an orange.

I'm also PLANNING to re-tune back to my previous good behaviours at darts and dominoes this evening. When I started this regime back in September/October I was managing not to drink too much, too often and not to snack after darts and dominoes. Recently both of those achievements have been but distant memories. So, tonight, if I do drink, it must be spirit and diet mixers NOT wine or beer and NO pizza/chips/sarnies etc etc NONE...Nada...Niet...Rien....

Oooh, just thought of another actual retune! I was in town this lunchtime and went into Timpsons for a watch battery and new ID tags for the dogs (Minty has lost hers and Shelagh's is barely legible). He said it would be 30 minutes. So, what to do in town for 30 minutes?? Too far to walk there and back to the office. Done the rest of my planned chores. Coffee?? Coffee and cake?? Mmmmmm, caaaake....

No!! I brisk walked to Tesco and there bought the low fat stuff Rich needs for his cholesterol reducing diet which I can't buy in my local shops and then back to pick up my watch and tags. Much better behaviour. And did I miss the coffee and cake?? NO, to be honest. As I mentally bargained with myself and was heading down towards Tesco, I said, well, you can always have a Maccy D's cappucino after you've picked up your watch on the way back to the office. But when I had picked up the watch, it didn't even occur to me. Chimp duly managed.

God - this stuff is so boring! I can't believe there's anyone out there still reading it. Sorry. But it's helpful to me to keep it going and to keep striving so you'll just have to skip through the tedious mental bargaining and domestic minutiae in the hope that, eventually, I'll post some pretty pictrues of the dogs or something more diverting!

And now I've just thought of a not-so-good reset. Shortbread has wormed its way back into my intake. Why? I managed to avoid it all Christmas and now it's back. I bought a pack af ew days ago (right there at the till, reduced to 50p) although I've only had 2 pieces. And then a colleague brought a Christmas surplus tin in and I've just had another 2 pieces. Grrr

So today is a story of 2 (hopefully 3) steps forward and (at least) 1 step back! Ach well...not all bad then.


c macd said...
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c macd said...

Lesley, it's not boring. It makes me (and all the others I suspect) feel that we are not alone in food and eating being such a big deal to us. We know exactly what it's like, we too want the weight loss AND the lovely food and it is great to be inspired by the successes (and dilemmas) of others. Baby steps are always good. Resetting is a good term, and re-setting your brain and practices will take time, just as it took time to gradually veer off course. You (we) will all get there. I'm trying to think of something profound like "all long journeys are a series of tiny steps" get my drift. Cx

Seren said...

I also love the term resetting - and also love the fact that you have recorded all the bargaining processes - some of them sound kind of familiar! I think the key to success longterm is identifying all these little triggers and developing ways to overcome them - because it's those things that will start to creep back in once the initial gung-ho approach to whatever healthy eating plan one is following wears off.

Thank you again for your kind comment by the way - and I may have to take you up on your offer of walking some time - though I very much doubt that I could keep up with you and the girls!

Have a lovely weekend.


Love Cat said...

Boring?! Are you off your head? I love this sort of chat. It's all these small changed that add up to make a big one - and they are so motivating for me to read.

Great work on managing your chimp with the coffee and cake. Mine has been such a wee madame recently - she needs a strong talking to!

Thanks for all your lovely comments recently. The mean a lot to me. xxx

Peridot said...

Ooh, can I come at the same time as Seren? I'm rubbish on your hills as you know so can make her feel good by puffing up at the rear!

And not boring at all - always enjoy reading your posts. Okay, not SO much the football ones....!

Have a good weekend.