Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mixed bag

It's weird, I have been pretty good this weekend but because of one mistake on Friday night, I feel as though the whole weekend has been a dieting and exercise bust which is just not true!  On Friday evening I got a text from Rich on my way saying he was going to the pub and would I join him for a couple.  Fine.  But I was absolutely starving after my first day back to the office and didn't have any make-up on.  So I nipped home first for a snack.  Pepperami and a chicken breast - so far, so good.

But, protein doesn't act quickly enough on hunger.  Instead of trusting that what I'd had would be fine in 5 minutes, I was in the "I'm hungry, must have something NOW" mood.  So, I had not one but 2 bowls of Crunchy Nut cornflakes!!  Yeah, great idea Einstein!!  Idiot.  I was kicking myself afterwards, especially as I'd even asked myself "do you really want/need this" while walking to the kitchen for the second bowl and said - "sod it, yes" in reply.  Idiot.  Usually I can manage to stop at that point but not on Friday evening.

In the great scheme of things, 2 medium bowls of cereals with semi-skimmed milk is not the end of the world.  But it did pretty much wreck my night.  While I was in the pub I suddenly felt faint and dizzy.  I went pale and started to sweat a bit and thought I might be sick.  I was okay after a few minutes but I felt rubbish for the rest of the evening.  I can only think that it has been so long since I had sugary carbs in the form of cereal and milk that I couldn't handle it?  While I haven't given up carbs, I have restricted them to bread, potatoes, pasta, rice etc and have not had huge amounts of sugar for months.  It was quite dramatic.

With the nausea came (misplaced) guilt and irritation with myself .  Annoyance.  I would have done better to analyse and work out what I'd done wrong (about from the obvious of scarfing down 2 bowls of cereals!).  So, what did I do wrong?  I didn't eat enough.  All day I'd only had a few slices of glazed ham and an apple for breakfast and veggie soup and a roll for lunch.  So, eating was necessary but protein didn't cut it.  I would have done better to have some toast (or just go straight to the pub and have a pack of crisps!!). Or perhaps I should have avoided temptation by eating something like chcicken from the Co-op and go straight to the pub.

After Friday evening though, I was pretty good.  I went for a good long run on Saturday morning; limited the drink before the pub to 1 pint; and prepared a healthy chilli on Saturday night.  Today was also good - Hairy Dieter's brekkie of spiced berries with crumpets, yoghurt and honey (mmmmm); a round of golf carrying my clubs; a ham sarnie snack; and Hairy Dieter's supper of spicy yoghurt marinaded roast chicken with cumin flavoured roast veggies.  Also mmmmmm.

My weight is sort of flatlining over the last few days so I'm hopeful of a STS for this first (part) week back at the coal face.  And then I REALLy must get going on actually dropping some lard.

The bootcamp idea has been (possibly temporarily) thwarted.  Kerry and I signed up for it but there wasn't enough interest in the Hillsborough Park sessions so they are not running.  We are having a think as to whether the other parks might be suitable. In the meantime, I'm doing plenty of running so don't feel too bad about it.

BTW, thanks for the various DVD suggestions.  I'll see what I can snap up on Amazon.

Righto - off to the Quiz soon so I'd better sort out my face and find something presentable to wear!

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Peridot said...

Yep, that's what I call the shakes. Horrible, isn't it? It's totally about your blood-sugar levels - sounds like it was the sugar for you (possibly in conjunction with the refined corn of the flaked) but I also get it if I've eaten a lot of (refined) carbs. Leaves me drained and groggy for a while too.